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Published on April 7th, 2023 | by MuzikScribe


LaTocha Confronts Drama With Xscape, Stealing Money From Her Sister, An Alleged Affair & More In New Video For “Afraid”

Powerhouse singer/songwriter LaTocha from the multi-platinum selling group Xscape releases her music video for her latest single “Afraid,” out today. The video showcases a vulnerable LaTocha in rare form as she calls out for God to help her in her most dire time of need.

The self-directed visual (co-directed by JMo Horton & Rich Laru) begins with LaTocha returning home from a night out, wearing what has now become known as the “infamous” green dress. As LaTocha enters her home on an incredible high, her spirit is instantly deflated as she begins to receive an overload of notifications with the headline “LaTocha Scott sends Xscape into a fashion frenzy,” followed by another that proclaims her husband has a secret love child on the way.

“I’m afraid to trust again, I’ve been lost so pull me in, I still need you, so don’t move, ‘cuz I can’t live this life by myself,” LaTocha professes in the chorus.

She is seen almost in a state of spiritual surrender, questioning why God has put her through so much and how she is going to make it out alive. As LaTocha sings, her frustration and pain is palpable, and her words take on a new level of meaning. She pleads with God to help her through her most difficult time – to provide strength, courage and resilience.

The Invitation: A Conversation With God is an album of love, passion and healing to help people get in touch with their true selves and find the courage to be vulnerable and honest. LaTocha‘s story on the album is very much the same: to use her own struggle & perseverance to help others find their own strength.

”I recorded this song during the darkest period of my life,” said LaTocha. “The video is about me facing my fears and being open to ask for help – a reminder that it’s ok to not be ok, and that’s when God can come in and take hold.”

The full album is available now and includes additional singles “Stay With Me,” and “I’m Yours.” Currently LaTocha co-stars on the hit reality series “The Queens of R&B,” alongside her group members from Xscape & SWV. The season finale of “The Queens of R&B” premieres Sunday night on Bravo.

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LaTocha is an award-winning R&B singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She is best known as the vocal spotlight of the multi-platinum selling R&B group Xscape who rose to popularity in the 90’s. Xscape exploded onto the music scene and emerged as one of the most prolific female R&B groups of all time. Their music rose to the top of the charts, securing 6 top 10 singles, 3 consecutive platinum albums and selling over 10 million albums worldwide.


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