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Published on April 28th, 2023 | by Natalie Patrick


St. Wave Surfs the Social Media Wave with His Captivating New Single, ‘Digital Girl’

St. Wave, the hip-hop artist synonymous with innovation and experimentation, has dropped his latest single “Digital Girl,” a pre-game hype anthem that masterfully explores the complex relationship between vanity and social media in today’s digital age. Known for his ability to seamlessly blend various forms of hip-hop, Hastein Saint-Vil, better known as St. Wave, continues to break boundaries and defy expectations with his unique sound and powerful message.

Since his groundbreaking 2017 debut EP “Troposphere,” St. Wave has been on a relentless journey to create music that pushes the envelope and speaks to the hearts and minds of millennials. During the pandemic, he shifted his sound to something more commercially appealing, resulting in the 2021 project “Radiation.” This project delved into the toxicity of the digital world that many of us find ourselves engulfed in, highlighting St. Wave’s ability to captivate his audience with thought-provoking themes and razor-sharp lyricism.

In “Digital Girl,” St. Wave takes a deep dive into the world of vanity and social media, examining the consequences of our online personas on our real-world relationships. With a catchy beat and a chorus that is guaranteed to have listeners singing along, “Digital Girl” is a testament to St. Wave’s relentless pursuit of innovation and evolution in the hip-hop genre.

As an artist who refuses to be boxed in by labels or preconceived notions, St. Wave’s recent string of singles showcases his versatility and determination to create music that not only entertains but also challenges and inspires his listeners. “Digital Girl” is no exception, as it offers a raw and honest look into the psyche of the social media generation while simultaneously providing the perfect soundtrack for a night of pre-game hype.

Critics are already hailing “Digital Girl” as another triumph for St. Wave, praising his ability to combine thought-provoking subject matter with a sound that is guaranteed to get listeners on their feet. As the boundaries between our digital lives and real-world experiences continue to blur, St. Wave’s music serves as a timely reminder of the importance of self-reflection and authenticity in an increasingly artificial world.


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