Published on May 6th, 2023 | by Natalie Patrick


BDX the Don and Kia Jena shares a new single, “Frauds”

BDX the Don, the ambitious rap artist from the DMV area, has joined forces with powerhouse vocalist Kia Jena to release their latest R&B hit, “Frauds.” This highly anticipated single is the perfect addition to any late-night summer jams playlist, offering a new take on relationship dynamics and providing a refreshing break from typical love songs.

Following their successful collaboration on “Needed,” BDX the Don and Kia Jena have once again combined their creative energies to craft “Frauds,” a song that resonates with listeners who are tired of insincere partners. The duo’s synergy shines through Kia’s infectious vocals and BDX’s confident delivery, making it clear that they have no patience for pretense in their relationships.

BDX the Don has quickly made a name for himself in the rap scene, with his first major project, “Expensive Taste,” garnering over 100,000 streams. The single “Fly” was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, earning him recognition for his clever wordplay, smooth flow, and unyielding ambition. As a recent graduate of rapper IDK’s No Label Academy at Harvard University, BDX the Don continues to create music that inspires him while striving to make a difference in the lives of young people.

In “Frauds,” BDX the Don and Kia Jena masterfully blend their distinct styles, creating a song that speaks to a wide audience. The track is a rallying cry for authenticity in love, demanding that listeners recognize and reject deception in their relationships. With its catchy hook and powerful message, “Frauds” is poised to become a summer anthem that listeners will be singing along to all season long.



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