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Published on May 1st, 2023 | by Marilyn Reles


Blair West Takes Us Back in Time with the Reminiscent ‘Nostalgia’

The wondrous, whimsical world of New York based, singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Blair West has reopened its heavenly gates yet again and Blair is there waiting to welcome new listeners into her delightfully charming, wistful realm once more. Ready to tenderly take her audience by the hand with brand new folk infused, lo-fi, bedroom pop single ‘Nostalgia.’

Saturated in sentimentality and soaked in smooth, dreamy synth production Blair West paints the most beautiful of pictures with whisper soft harmonies over gently finger picked guitar. 

This gorgeously saccharine new offering follows on from the success of sophomore single ‘rabbit holes’ and her debut ‘All This To Say’ which has amassed almost 60,000 streams to date.

“Ethereal and larger than life, West does a great job of transporting listeners to a gorgeous soundscape filled with sentimentality, nostalgia and melodies fit for mainstream radio”

Queen of creating songs you want to curl up in, get cosy and drift off, Blair has an innate ability in crafting pillow-like atmospheres, delicately coated with her angelic, pristine tone and ethereal timbre.

Featuring pockets of quaint, romantic lyricism, ‘Nostalgia’ looks back at the early stages of a past relationship. Reminiscent, wonderful and tinted with rose whilst simultaneously being pinched with a subtle sadness that tugs at your heart strings. 

Overflowing with endearing pop sensibilities that are interlaced throughout, Blairs airy acoustic guitar rings out into the cosmos of her creation alongside astral-like spacey production, which is all that is needed to detail the darling delicacies of ‘Nostalgia’.

Glowing and glistening in a dewy-like energy, Blair’s songwriting continues to captivate and encapsulate her listeners. With her glorious, golden melodies that emanate from every angle, each note is a soothing pocket of sophistication and serenity. Prepare to be utterly enveloped in this transcendent track and let the ‘Nostalgia’ seep into your soul. 

Listen on Spotify here.

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