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Published on June 17th, 2023 | by MuzikScribe


Austin Millz Releases Breathwork EP on Ultra Records


Six-Track EP Features Singles “Inhale/Exhale feat. Sabrina Claudio”, “Freeway feat. Estelle” and “Breathless feat. Alina Baraz”


Stream: Breathwork


Harlem-born DJ/Producer and viral sensation Austin Millz releases Breathwork via Ultra Records after coming out of 2022 with his guns blazing. The six-track EP arrives with three major singles already out, including “Inhale/Exhale” featuring Sabrina Claudio, “Freeway” featuring Estelle and “Breathless” featuring Alina Baraz. New singles include “On & On” featuring Justine Skye, along with “Afterparty” featuring DESTIN CONRAD and “Familiar” featuring Duckwrth. The release comes just in the swing of PRIDE month and celebration of Black Music Month. With music and shows back in full force, Millz tries to capture the sensation of what a fresh breath of air feels like for everyone rolling back onto the dance floor in 2023.

“Inhale/Exhale” opens with sensual vocals from Sabrina Claudio. The duo produces a harmoniously seductive single that flawlessly fuses R&B and dance that’s a sultry start to any night out. “Freeway” then transports fans with a feel-good, upbeat track that’s complemented by Estelle’s vibrant energy. Together, Millz and Estelle create a timeless track that’s a flawless example of dancefloor pop. “Breathless” entices listeners with a sexy, decadent love letter accompanied by the tantalizing vocals of Alina Baraz leading to the EP’s lead single “On & On” with the soulful Justine Skye.

As the EP unfolds, listeners are soundly swept through the different phases of an unforgettable night out. Millz collaborates with two of the industry’s outstanding Black creatives on the two final tracks. Joined by the gifted queer lyricist and soulful performer, DESTIN CONRAD, together they create an irresistibly seductive track “Afterparty.” A song guaranteed to remain on spin beyond PRIDE month across many dimly lit dance floors; concluding with Duckworth’s flirtatious vocals and verses in “Familiar” to end the sonic night out and musical journey.

Breathwork beautifully captures Millz’s sonic range, displaying his seamless ability to bridge unlikely genres like dance and R&B. The EP pushes barriers and turns heads with its playful, yet refreshing bouncy and sexy attitude, as it showcases Millz versatility and out-of-the-box artistry as a producer/DJ while simultaneously highlighting the talents from his featured collaborators.

In the past month alone, he has performed across 21 major cities for his debut North America Breathwork tour. Millz has notably co-headlined Atlanta’s Boiler Room with Amapiano star Uncle Waffles, rocked Coachella’s Heineken House and performed at Miami’s F1 Grand Prix. His distinct, high-energy, live sets have won him legions of fans across the globe along with influential figures ranging from Zane Lowe, the Kardashians, Reece Witherspoon to Lupita Nyong’o. He has received an outpouring of support from media tastemakers like Rolling Stone, Billboard, MTV USA, GRAMMY, FLAUNT, Wonderland, UPROXX, and KCRW.

Austin Millz has undeniably cemented himself as a central figure in America’s contemporary Black dance community, reminding the industry of the integral backbone of dance music that has been constituted by a strong community of Black creatives. By featuring female talent like Sabrina Claudio, Estelle, Alina Baraz, and Justine Skye, along with collaborating with LGBTQ+ creatives like DESTIN CONRAD, and other Black trailblazers like Duckwrth, Millz fosters for an inclusive music scene that calls for and supports diversity in the industry at large displayed by the collaborators from his refreshing EP Breathwork.

You can stream/buy the Breathwork EP from June 16th on Ultra Records.


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