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Versatility & Variety? Talented artist and music producer Mileisy M gives insight into the release of the highly anticipated single masterpiece ‘Unboxed Doll’.

Every rhythmic era had an influencing musical genre. Posing difficult for most to witness musicians branch off into different genres of music, it has since then become more adaptable allowing consistent flow in different variations of music…enter Mileisy M.

The evolution of fusion-genre masterpieces has constantly raised the bar over the decades. Maintaining this tradition, it is no different for Mileisy M in her most recent body of art “Unboxed Doll”. The track introduces her as a jack of all trades through her captivating compositions. With her impressive accolades as a music producer, video director, performer, and most importantly jazz violinist; it is indisputable that Mileisy M is destined to be an extraordinary force in music.

The all-rounded Woman

Although it is mixed with a catalog of musical genres, Unboxed Doll also possesses the elements of discord, melody, and harmony all at once. However, the beauty of being a music producer and musical entrepreneur is that Mileisy is free to direct her creativity and artistic vision as she pleases.

Mileisy’s uniqueness and diversity are the characteristics she upholds that has helped her achieve a consistently growing reputation in the music industry. Her crafty ability to infuse different genres has made her exceptional in the music scene. With a song like ‘Unboxed Doll’, Mileisy will continue to show her fans that she is an all-rounded jazz artist and music producer.

Being an overachiever Mileisy aims to do it all. She has gained major experience immersing herself in multiple job roles while still being an exceptional musician. Having dabbled mainly in the world of Music Production and Video Directing, Mileisy has paved her own path and is fully on track to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

She also perfected her musical skill set learning directly under the legendary American jazz violinist Regina Carter, one of the most talented and distinguished jazz artists in the music industry.

Having ‘Unboxed Doll’ another single in her collection of musical symphonies, Mileisy has produced multiple other smash hits such as ‘Nosotros’ in which she appears singing for the first time, ‘Decisions’ and ‘Pass Out Now Alive’ a track released to bring hope to her fans and listeners in a difficult season. She is also the director of the music videos to these harmonious melodies.

Diversity in its Influences.

Mileisy M

Mileisy has given tribute to the impeccable musical craft of hip-hop legends such as Dr Dre, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G and many more. She has also paid tribute to the classical music stars such as Renata Tebaldi, Gustav Mahler and Richard Wagner. Composing ‘Unboxed Doll’ is a major steppingstone in Mileisy’s career. Feeling inspired due to the lack of judgment from her fans and critics, she enjoys not having to make traditional music. Basking in her freedom and creating her own lane, Mileisy is motivated constantly to solidify her place in the music industry

Likening her skillset to that of an Unboxed Doll, Mileisy creates an atmosphere of curiosity amongst her fans with this new release. Intriguing her audience with her ambidexterity and tenacity, she proves herself the true definition of what the song title entails. The song covers hip hop/rap preparing you to channel through a series of lite jazz transitioning into a mellifluous jazz manouche held together and buttressed with a hip hop batterie common in music today.

A combination of music varying this wide being reflected in one song is usually uncommon. However, for Mileisy, the unexpected combinations in a song such as Unboxed Doll provides her the freedom to emphasize all the styles that have shaped her creative artistry. 

The recipe for a successful track, a Violin, Piano, Sax, Strings & Rap

Immediately welcoming your ears into a room filled with exciting musical composition, Unboxed Doll begins by greeting listeners with a clean and snappy snare. This is complimented by a distinctive base line, strident violin scraping and remarkable music texture an octave apart. Twenty-Five seconds into what will soon be timeless music, we are cultivated in the rich tune of free form jazz preparing us for a euphonic solo string at forty seconds, intermixed with the same violin sounds.

There are no vocals in this melodious track aside from the singular rap verse. This gives the song body and room to take it in a new direction. It is solely to direct the focus of the listener to the superb strength of musical artistry and the vast selection of genres covered. Highlighting each instrument with thirty seconds of spotlight, still permits the musician opportunity to demonstrate the instrument’s ability. Having a mixture of styles in a piece is normal as it allows the composition to not feel orchestrated and hurried.

As the song takes you on its journey, you are prepared to be propelled by the sounds of an electric guitar resonating throughout the halfway point in excitement for a theatrical climax. Taking you into heaven with an angelic gospel choir, a brief jazz solo, violin solo and a canorous piano solo in the background.

Usually, the power of music has the ability to move strong emotions. It is no different for ‘Unboxed Doll’ as the euphoria oozing from this quivering ballad is a true testament to the body feeling all emotions at once keeping you rooted at the edge of your seats desperately yearning for more. 

Another bonus of this multifaceted masterpiece is the extensive grip it will have on its listeners. This means it is enjoyable to everyone. For every genre represented it is assured to satisfy each fan base providing listeners with everything they need to bask in this vibrant tune. For sole diversity and variety, it’s a massive package delivered into five minutes of pulsating music.

Mileisy has also worked and collaborated with many well-known musical figures in the music industry. Working with notable names such as Grammy winners Arturo O’Farril, bassist John Benitez among many others. Being goal oriented and focused, Mileisy has rebranded herself as a determined individual who will not stop until she achieves her goals. A genre defiant, Mileisy brings a new and present-day approach to musical mastery. She exudes this in all her pieces. 

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