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Published on July 28th, 2023 | by Ralph Okobz


Gabby & The Gondolas Question False Idols On New Single “Pottery God”

“Pottery God” is the second single off of Pollyanna, Gabby & The Gondolas’s debut full body of work. The song questions belief in a higher power, and the negative impact it has on humanity as a whole. The chord changes and out of the box time signature mesh really well with the somber lyrics, making for one of the strongest tracks on the album. Kyle Neveau described the message of the song as a disbelief in what people do in the name of god, as opposed to a disbelief in god as a whole. This song acts as a follow up to the band’s first single, “Steamed Rice” which was released on June 7th.

Gabby & The Gondolas is the brainchild of Kyle Neveau, an indie rock songwriter from San Clemente, California. His music certainly embodies that, with the beach very much influencing his sound. Sonically, the band covers a wide range, from grunge to surf rock toAmericana. Despite Neveau currently residing in Nashville, everyone involved in the project has some sort of ties to California in one way or another.

This is the second single off of their debut album, Pollyanna, which is slated to release this August. The album, Pollyanna is a term used to describe someone who’s overly optimistic,even when they have no reason to be. Kyle Neveau thought it was fittingly ironic to give the album that name, considering many of the songs on the album, even the upbeat ones, have a melancholy element to them. Connect with the group here.

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