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Published on September 2nd, 2023 | by Jessica Williams


Steve Raze Joins the 8th Annual Urban Film Festival to Educate Filmmakers on Financing Their Projects

Steven Raze, the CEO of AGA (Access Granted Agency) Films, is making significant waves in the television and film industry by emphasizing the critical aspect of film financing in filmmaker education. No stranger to success, Raze was the Executive Vice President of the award-winning blog He’s the creative force behind the web series “The Next 48 Hours,” featuring trailblazing artists like Rick Ross, French Montana, Nelly, Nas, and more. Furthermore, Raze’s extensive portfolio includes television production credits on hit shows such as “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” “Love & Hip Hop New York,” and “Divorce Court.” He’s also earned accolades for his executive production role in the award-winning documentary “From Pain to Power,” which aired on Revolt TV and featured Hip Hop icon T.I.

Raze serves as an executive producer for feature films and utilizes his AGA Films agency to provide funding for various film and television ventures. Notably, in recent months, he has successfully raised over $500,000 to support creative individuals who are relying on bank loans to finalize their projects.

This weekend, Raze will participate in a panel alongside esteemed experts to address financial literacy at the 8th Annual Urban Film Festival, taking place in Miami, FL. He will share his insights with luminaries such as Lorrain O’Connor, Julian Booth, Joanne Butcher, and Rich Black.

Raze comprehends the significance of utilizing credit and is committed to ensuring that younger filmmakers grasp its broader importance.

“There are so many ways to make money right now,” says Raze. “My focus is to reach those creatives who are encouraged to make films. Think about it, Will Smith made $20 Million on the last DC movie, these actors are making money. So imagine what these people behind the camera are making on these same film projects. With the right budget, we can help you to focus on the right streaming platform, to help you make your money back plus more.”

Amidst the ongoing writer strike in Hollywood, there exists a unique window of opportunity for independent filmmakers to start pitching their projects and earning compensation. Similar to industry giants like Coca-Cola and Netflix, the funding you secure for your projects need not be repaid immediately; instead, it can be reimbursed gradually over time..

“I am so grateful to the Urban Film Festival for giving us the opportunity to talk about film financing. I will be showing attendees my funding mechanism from Not only will I be showing people how to get money, my friends and I will be giving out money to help finance these films.”

The Urban Film Festivals is a free weekend of all things film dedicated to educating, exposing,  and providing distribution opportunities for the next generation of filmmakers.

To find out more information about how you can get the right finances needed to finance your next film project, go to

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