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Published on September 18th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


T.A.Y.: More Than Beats and Business, He’s Florida’s Rhythmic Renaissance Man

Picture this: the sun-soaked beaches of South Florida, the pulsating rhythm of the streets, and amidst this vibrant tapestry, a new sound emerges, echoing the struggles, triumphs, and dreams of a generation. Enter Taylor Edmonds, known in the music circuits as T.A.Y., a singer-songwriter with an entrepreneurial heart and a story as compelling as his tracks. 

When most hear “Florida”, they conjure up images of sandy shores, theme parks, and citrus fruits. But for T.A.Y., it’s the backdrop of his life’s canvas, one that’s painted with melodies and business ventures alike. 

Just turn on “Nameless”, and what you’ll hear isn’t just a catchy tune. It’s the anthem of someone who’s faced life’s storms head-on. From growing up from home to home – and even trailers, grappling with the intricacies of business, to filing for bankruptcy, T.A.Y. has walked a path many would find daunting. Yet, every note he sings, every lyric he pens, speaks of an indomitable spirit that refuses to be pinned down. 

His 2021 E.P., ‘i don’t really do this‘, isn’t just an album title; it’s a declaration. While newcomers often take tentative steps, T.A.Y. dived headfirst, releasing tracks that resonate with authenticity. And people noticed. Songs like “Insecure” and “Countdown” have already left their mark, and if rumors are to be believed, there’s much more on the horizon. 

Yet, there’s another side to T.A.Y., one that goes beyond the recording studio. The man’s got a head for business. Collxb Cxmp, his brainchild, isn’t just another music camp. Sponsored by Jäegermeister, it’s where musical genius meets networking, where artists don’t just create but connect, forging bonds that last long after the last note has been played. 

And speaking of connections, let’s not forget his trysts with industry bigwigs like Hoosh, Zai1k, and Austin McCracken. It’s no easy feat to catch the attention of stalwarts, and T.A.Y. has managed to do that and more in a remarkably short span. 

So, what’s next for Florida’s rhythmic renaissance man? Word on the street is that he’s aiming high, eyeing a spot among the pantheons of the music world, alongside icons like Diddy and DJ Khaled. Knowing T.A.Y., he won’t just reach for the stars; he’ll bring them down to his level. 

In a world filled with fleeting 15-minute fame stories, T.A.Y. is crafting an odyssey. One filled with beats, businesses, and the will to break barriers. And trust us; you’ll want a front-row ticket to this show.

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