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Published on November 22nd, 2023 | by Bryson "Boom" Paul


MC Jonny T Brings Balance Back to Rap with Hip Hop Organix

Hip Hop Organix is not your typical record label. Founded by MC Jonny T, this unique collective of artists is driven by a deep commitment to elevating the original five elements of Hip Hop and celebrating the plus-size culture. What sets them apart is their inclusive approach, providing a safe and welcoming space for artists of size to submit their music for release consideration or to be featured in visual media. Moreover, in a genre that has served a lot of dark content in recent years, Hip Hop Organix aims to lighten up the mood sonically with some feel good music. Symbolically, one could say MC Jonny T is the leader of the new (old) school!

The roster of talent at Hip Hop Organix is truly remarkable. It includes multi-platinum recording artist Positive K, DJ/Producer Madd Scientist, singer/plus-size model Glow, songwriter & producer Lyric Richardson, the dynamic duo JTLR (MC Jonny T & Lyric Richardson), and BBW rapper Barbie La Vie. These artists are not only dedicated to preserving the authentic spirit of Hip Hop and R&B but also to pushing the boundaries of the culture creatively.

A testament to their mission is reflected by the exciting releases executed throughout 2023. Their singles feature impressive collaborations with renowned artists such as Sean Kingston, Xzibit, Rick Ross, Jessica Domingo, and Cappadonna of the Wu Tang Clan. However, the standout track is undoubtedly the JTLR release that features Snoop Dogg, titled “That’s My Bop.” With the infectious production by Madd Scientist, the song captures the essence of the early 2000s, exuding a fun and energetic party vibe that is sure to have clubs around the nation and beyond dancing.

But Hip Hop Organix doesn’t stop at music. They are determined to be a beacon of difference, showcasing talents in various aspects of the evolving Hip Hop culture. The collective embraces the belief that music has the power to bring people together and foster healthy and balanced conversations. This is evident in the thought-provoking podcast episodes they produce, providing a platform for meaningful discussions.

Hip Hop Organix is more than just a record label; it is a platform for creativity and a source of unity. Under the umbrella of Organix Media Group, LLC, it serves as a hub where artists can freely express themselves and find support within a community that understands and celebrates their unique perspectives. If you want to learn more about Hip Hop Organix, visit their website at hiphoporganix.com for company updates and to connect with them on social media.

The work being done by Hip Hop Organix is groundbreaking, challenging the norms of the industry and pushing the boundaries of what a record label can be. By breaking down barriers and embracing diversity, they are paving the way for a new era of Hip Hop that is inclusive, empowering, and undeniably authentic.

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