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Published on January 11th, 2024 | by Bryson "Boom" Paul


Dae Dae Roars Back: New Label, New Vibe, New Music OTW

After a quiet reign, Atlanta rapper Dae Dae has emerged from the shadows, wielding a fresh fire that threatens to scorch the entire hip-hop landscape. The “Wat U Mean (aye, aye, aye)” hitmaker dropped a new vlog for his fans, a raw confession of struggles overcome and promises of music that’ll blow the roof off.

“New music is otw,” he declares, pen thick with emotion and a hint of steel. “I been threw a lot 2023 and still smiling like I ain’t been scar. But F’ all that.”

This wasn’t just a comeback, it was a metamorphosis, Dae Dae shares in the heartfelt caption of his vlog.

“I Did Want to tell y’all new music is otw and I am sorry for how long this took BUT this was A journey… For all my day 1 fans who still with me and believe in me I thank & love you guys and I got more than what you’ve been waiting for… I been threw a lot 2023 and still smiling like I ain’t been scar. But F” all that, Thanks to the new team I’ve team up with and I feel good about this 1 y’all trust me… just Drop 💙💙 for me thanks😈😈🚀🚀💙💙”

Dondre Blackmon, co-founder of the label, echoes the sentiment. “Dae Dae’s a rare breed,” he says. “Talent oozes outta his pores, and his drive? Unstoppable. I’m thrilled and honored to work with such a talent,” says co-founder Dondre Blackmon.

And La’Keo Blackmon, the other half of the Blackmon power duo, doubles down: “Dae Dae’s pure creativity and self-motivation are a force to be reckoned with. This ain’t your average label-artist setup. This is a family, a movement. Get ready for something legendary.”

So, mark your calendars, music heads. February 2024, Dae Dae’s unleashing his first Blackmon banger in conjunction with Warner Music Group via ADA. Drop those blue hearts, raise your fists, and get ready to witness a king reclaim his throne.

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Bryson "Boom" Paul is a well-known journalist and media correspondent. He has written for OC Weekly, LA Weekly, Dallas Observer, Hip Hop DX, The Source and more. Throughout 13-plus years, he has interviewed the biggest names in music, like Tyler the Creator, 50 Cent and Sean Paul.

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