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Published on February 19th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


First U.S. Solo Museum Exhibit for Spanish Textile Artist Teresa Lanceta Slated for The Meadows Museum

The Meadows Museum, SMU, in partnership with Fundación ARCO, will debut the inaugural solo exhibition in the United States featuring Teresa Lanceta from Feb. 18 through June 16. Lanceta becomes the second artist to participate in the MAS: Meadows/ARCO Artist Spotlight program, initiated in 2021 to spotlight contemporary Spanish artists and amplify their recognition in the U.S.

Lanceta’s Intricate Textile Art

Renowned for her intricate and vibrant textile creations, Lanceta was honored with the Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas (National Award for Fine Arts) in 2023 for her significant contributions to Spain’s creative landscape. The exhibition at The Meadows Museum will feature nine of Lanceta’s works, including several large-format pieces spanning from 1992 to 2020. The selection aims to showcase Lanceta’s diverse influences and thematic explorations, ranging from homage to 15th-century Spanish carpets to contemporary reflections on the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona.

MAS Program: Bridging Artistic Boundaries

The MAS: Meadows/ARCO Artist Spotlight program, a six-year initiative launched in 2019, focuses on spotlighting exceptional contemporary Spanish artists who have limited recognition in the United States. Lanceta’s selection underscores the program’s commitment to fostering cultural dialogue and international artistic exchanges. The program, which commenced with an exhibition of works by conceptual artist Ignasi Aballí in 2021, offers a platform for artists to showcase their work at The Meadows Museum.

Collaboration and Recognition

Amanda W. Dotseth, Director of the Meadows Museum, expressed enthusiasm for presenting Lanceta’s work at SMU and in North Texas, emphasizing Lanceta’s dedication to weaving as an art form and its global cultural impact. The collaboration between The Meadows Museum and Fundación ARCO exemplifies a shared commitment to promoting artistic diversity and fostering transatlantic artistic connections.

About Teresa Lanceta

Born in Barcelona in 1951, Teresa Lanceta is celebrated for her imaginative tapestry-based artworks that transcend conventional artistic boundaries. Lanceta’s creative journey began in the early 1970s when she embraced weaving as her preferred medium, viewing it as a means to bridge art and craft. Inspired by diverse cultures, Lanceta’s work combines figurative and abstract elements, showcasing her mastery of weaving techniques and her unique artistic vision.

Exhibition and Beyond

Lanceta’s exhibition at The Meadows Museum marks a significant milestone in her career, offering audiences in the United States a rare opportunity to experience her captivating creations firsthand. Beyond the exhibition, Lanceta will engage in educational programming at Southern Methodist University (SMU), providing insight into her artistic process and engaging with students and art enthusiasts.

About The Meadows Museum

Established in 1965, The Meadows Museum is dedicated to the study and presentation of Spanish art. Home to one of the most extensive collections of Spanish art outside of Spain, The Meadows Museum continues to fulfill its founder’s vision of creating “a small Prado for Texas.” With a diverse range of artworks spanning from the 10th to the 21st centuries, the museum serves as a cultural hub for scholars, students, and art enthusiasts alike.

About Fundación ARCO

Founded in 1987, Fundación ARCO is committed to promoting contemporary art through collection, research, and dissemination initiatives. As an integral part of the international contemporary art fair, ARCOmadrid, the foundation supports artistic innovation and fosters dialogue within the global art community. Through various programs and activities, Fundación ARCO seeks to strengthen the contemporary art market and enhance public engagement with the arts.

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Photos courtesy Teresa Lanceta and The Meadows Museum


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