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Rhyme Report Former Why Don't We Member Corbyn Besson Releases Debut Solo Single "Love Me Better"

Published on February 24th, 2024 | by Just Jay


Former Why Don’t We Member Corbyn Besson Releases Debut Solo Single “Love Me Better”

Singer and guitarist Corbyn Besson releases his debut single “Love Me Better” via his new partnership with BMG Recordings – listen . Watch the “Love Me Better” music video.Best known as one-fifth of multi billion streaming and arena headlining boy band Why Don’t We, Corbyn began his music career on his own, releasing songs online. After seven years with the group, which Corbyn joined in 2016, he’s ready to step out as a solo artist.

“This feels like a significant turning point for me,” Corbyn says. “When you join a band, even through all the good you’re always wondering when it will end, and the goal is to have as good of a time and as much success as you can in the group. But what comes after that is always the question, and this is it. ‘Love Me Better’ is an anthem about breaking free and moving on from someone or something that isn’t treating you the way you deserve to be treated.”

“Love Me Better” was originally written as a single for Why Don’t We, but was put aside when the group was forced to go on hiatus. Corbyn penned the song with two of his bandmates, Jonah Marais and Daniel Seavey, and felt that the lyrics represented where he finds himself now. The upbeat pop hooks and big gang vocals harken back to Why Don’t We, but it also features driving acoustic and electric riffs and urban-leaning drums that separate Corbyn from the group’s sound. It embraces the sentiment of breaking free from something that no longer serves you.

Corbyn recorded “Love Me Better” in late 2023 with producers Connor McDonungh, Riley McDonough and Rob Grimaldi, with additional production by Jakke Erixson and Tor Eimon, in Corbyn’s home studio, as well as LA’s Sound Factory and Atlantic Studios West. His partnership with Rob has been an instrumental part of Corbyn’s confidence in his solo career, helping to bring the musician’s songwriting to life in the studio. Their ongoing collaboration over the past year has helped to reignite Corbyn’s love for making music, resulting in numerous songs Corbyn plans to release in the near future. The music is unabashedly pop with groove-laden R&B influences, showcasing Corbyn’s vocals and impressive guitar skills in equal measure. For him, each song is a chance to connect with the listener in a more personal way than ever before.

“The beauty of music is how it connects people emotionally regardless of language or background. A song can be a three-minute escape from the world around you during a challenging time or it can enhance things that are fun or uplifting,” Corbyn says. “I really want people to feel good listening to my music. I want to be a safe place for my fans to turn to when they feel like they’ve got nowhere else to go, because they’ve been that for me.”


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