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Published on February 29th, 2024 | by Just Jay


Grandmaster – Castle Door

Austin, Texas based indie prog/funk/rock collective GRANDMASTER today release their new single, “Castle Door,” now available for streaming and purchase across all platforms.

Comprised of members of Austin local faves Acid Carousel, Sexpop and Lick Neon, GRANDMASTER’s new single, produced and mixed by esteemed Austin creative Nolan Potter, bursts through the gates with bright piano underlines and high register, lush harmonies as a call-and-response echoes a séance between analog synths, vaporous guitar, disco beats, and alternately skyscraping and soulful vocals, the vibe resembles The Bee Gees playing that “party” in Eyes Wide Shut.

Co-founding member and lead vocalist Nick Leon offers, “’Castle Door’ presents the image of the Grandmaster’s Castle, and all of his loyal followers who protect it. These followers, known as Zealots, are faced with mystery guests who continue to knock on the door of the castle, only for them to enter and never leave.”

Heavily influenced by Earth Wind & Fire, Steely Dan, and The Doobie Brothers, “Castle Door” sets the standard for more celebratory material from the band.

Leon elaborates, “Thematically, we all live in this castle with The Grandmaster. It’s similar to an orphanage. Different authority figures knock on the door, and we’re declining their suggestions, because The Grandmaster is our only authority figure. He can’t be surpassed by anyone. It’s also a day in the life of the Zealots. If you come in, this is what you’re signing up for.”

Last fall, GRANDMASTER released the single, “Goldmine” and within less than a year, they have already converted sold out audiences into acolytes at an alarming rate, generating hundreds of thousands of streams in the process to boot. The band plans to release a full album in May 2024.


Nick Leon – Lead Vocals, Piano, Rhodes, Clav

Blaise Eldred: Lead Vocals, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer

Connor Mizell: Drums, Backing Vocals

Jaxon Casey: Harp, Synthesizer

John “Cosmic”: Bass, Backing Vocals

Nick Dow: Guitar

Kenneth Frost: Synthesizers, Backing Vocals

Sydney Harding-Sloan: Vocals, Vocal Effects Processor

Quinn Decker: Percussion

Eric Ross: The Grandmaster


Your muse may be a divinity, a lover, a friend, or nature itself. For Austin, Texas collective GRANDMASTER, it’s an immortal dimension-hopping ancient composer with whom they share their name and have pledged their undying allegiance to. Donning red bucket hats, black uniforms, and white gloves, this cohort of nine seasoned musicians proudly rallies as The Grandmaster’s “Zealots,” performing his “ritualistic funk” compositions as their songs.

As the story goes, co-Founders Leon, Eldred, and Mizell met as teens in Texas. Unlocking a lifelong creative bond, they went on to record and perform around Austin in local favorites such as Sexpop, Lick Neon, and Acid Carousel. Following the dissolution of the latter, Leon, Eldred, and Mizell feverishly wrote and recorded songs under the spell of “The Grandmaster.”

At the same time, they also shot an episodic YouTube series, establishing the lore and immersing audiences in a rapidly unfolding ecosystem. At first, their symbology engendered fascination on social media, leading to a string of sold out shows. Simultaneously, the song “Goldmine” was released in September 2023, and GRANDMASTER was profiled by outlets such as Voyage Austin.



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