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Published on February 20th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


The Evolution of Entertainment: How Casino Games Move with the Times

Casino gaming has been around for centuries. Blackjack, for example, is referenced in manuscripts dating back to the 1700s. People weren’t pouring into air-conditioned casinos filled with all manner of amenities or logging into an online casino, but they were playing a distant relative of blackjack. The game has been popular for a long time, as have many other casino games. That’s not up for debate. What’s interesting, however, is how casino games have evolved.

Blackjack Has Become Something New

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Indeed, the blackjack people played in the 18th century isn’t the same as what people play today. That’s why it’s a distant relative. Old blackjack, as we’ll call it, evolved out of a game known as Vingt-un (twenty-one). That game spread from Europe to the US, where the rules were adopted. This migration across the Atlantic set Vingt-un on a path towards the game we know today. Vegas and Atlantic City rules are now regarded as the gambling industry standard, but, as you’ll see when you play live blackjack online, the game hasn’t stood still.

Live dealer technology opened the doors to new possibilities, and software developers have made the most of this opportunity. Live blackjack variants such as Quantum and All Bets add new wrinkles to the game’s rich tapestry. Quantum, for example, adds prize multipliers to random cards. Win a hand with one or more of these cards, and prizes get multiplied by up to 1,000 times their normal value.

Blackjack’s evolution won’t stop. Virtual reality (VR) technology could create new opportunities. After that, who knows? The same goes for other popular casino games. Roulette has undergone a similar transformation to blackjack. European and American rules games have been enhanced with side bets, progressive jackpots, and prize multipliers. Even slots have become something more than they used to be. Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell got the slot world spinning back in 1894, but today, players are spinning reels alongside their peers in live dealer slot games such as Gonzo’s Quest.

Casino Games Evolve Like All Forms of Entertainment

Casino Games

The point we’re making here is that casino games are like any other form of entertainment. They move with the times. Today’s games were popular 300 years ago, but that doesn’t mean developers are stuck in the past. Just like music and movies have changed over the years, casino games have evolved in line with current trends and technology. Live dealer casino games weren’t a thing when online gambling came to prominence in the early noughties.

However, it was off to the races once developers found a way to connect online players with live dealers using webcams and RFID tracking technology. Creative minds went into overdrive, and games like blackjack were rejuvenated. That’s a testament to the enduring popularity of casino games but, more importantly, their flexibility. That’s the definition of entertainment. Something popular once can be popular again, but only if it moves with the times.

People have loved music for centuries, but if artists weren’t creative enough to evolve, people probably wouldn’t listen to songs that got ancient Romans on their feet. The same is true for casino gaming. Fortunately, developers have continued to move in time with modern trends, which is why casino games such as blackjack are as popular today as they’ve ever been.



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