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Published on March 2nd, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Brisbane Rapper Imthxfuture Hits Six-Figure Views on ‘Lifestyle’ Video

Imthxfuture turns heads shortly after sharing the music video for ‘Lifestyle,’ his big, wide-lensed statement on what he wants from the music industry. As an independent artist, the music video marked him as an essential force to be reckoned with.

For those who haven’t been introduced to his music, Imthxfuture is a young, exciting, emerging rapper from Australia, but you’d think he is American.

Imthxfuture hails originally from Brisbane, where he began making music at 12. Buoyed by a dedicated fanbase – even as a young teen – Imthxfuture dedicated himself to improving his music at every turn. 

His early releases were widely praised, even if his fanbase was still small. Imthxfuture won attention for how he managed to zero in on a concrete – and listenable – rap sound that embraced elements of emo-rap, trap, and subgenres like SoundCloud rap. His music was raw and focused on the pressures of the environment he was growing up in, including his views on mental health, the alienation of young people, and his views on love and relationships. 

Imthxfuture and Aboogie Wit Da Hoodie

Imthxfuture and Aboogie Wit Da Hoodie (Artist Submitted)

With his modest but steadily growing fanbase, Imthxfuture began putting on shows in Brisbane and other parts of Queensland and New South Wales to see who might show up. As it happened, these shows gained a lot of interest, so much so that, at one point, Imthxfuture found himself performing an average of two shows a week in some of the top venues in this part of Australia. 

He grew in confidence and stature. Teaming up with many of the best producers and music makers around him – including his older brother, who was a long-term confidante and de facto Imthxfuture manager – Imthxfuture wanted to make songs and visuals that would capture a more expansive, international fanbase. 

This is the context in which ‘Lifestyle’ came about. Now considered the song that helped Imthxfuture break into the international spotlight, ‘Lifestyle,’ was Yung Future’s statement about himself and the type of life he wanted to live. 

The music video for ‘Lifestyle’ was an impressive affair, especially for an artist still doing things independently. Directed by Tom Buckley (his brother) and filmed by Jordan Mundey (his high school friend), ‘Lifestyle’ saw Imthxfuture visualizing and manifesting his success. He’s seen partying on yachts, getting driven about in Lambos, and hanging out in helicopters, all against sun-soaked cities and golden beaches. 

As you might expect, ‘Lifestyle’ got people talking. As the video racked up over half a million streams across streaming platforms, record label owners and prospective music managers in the US were getting in contact with Imthxfuture to see if they could help him with what came next. 

Imthxfuture and Matt OX (Artist Submitted)

And while the artist has been guarded about his long-term plans, he has teamed up with distinguished music manager Chris Clemenza for the year ahead. From this partnership, Imthxfuture has been working on an EP with prominent American Hip Hop names, including Antonio Brown, Jay Critch, Matt OX, and Aboogie Wit Da Hoodie. Their first collaborative single, ‘How I’m Living,’ dropped in February. 

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