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Published on March 28th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Lil P$eudo – Hits the Charts with “What About It” Follows with ‘Fuck Ea$tland’

It’s no mystery that in the competitive world of Hip Hop, breaking into the mainstream can often seem an insurmountable challenge. However, for emerging artist Lil P$eudo, success came swiftly with his track “What About It,” which soared to the top of the Apple iTunes top 100 Hip Hop charts, peaking at an impressive #65. The track’s rise caught the attention of none other than rap legend 50 Cent, who endorsed Lil P$eudo on his official webpage and encouraged his millions of fans to stream the song. The sudden media attention and rapid ascent to fame might overwhelm many artists, but Lil P$eudo remains cool, calm, and collected. When asked about handling the instant media attention and rapid rise to fame, he nonchalantly responds, “I’m ight. Ju$’ out here chillin’.”

His current single

Despite the early success, Lil P$eudo maintains his laid-back demeanor, unfazed by the sudden change in lifestyle. Drawing comparisons to the legendary Eminem, who rose from obscurity to become one of the most respected rappers of his generation, Lil P$eudo acknowledges the potential challenges that come with fame. However, he remains optimistic about adjusting to his newfound celebrity status, stating simply, “I think I’ll be fine.” As Lil P$eudo’s popularity continues to soar, he remains grounded in his passion for music and cinematography. Encouraging fans to give his music a chance, he emphasizes the quality of his work, stating, “If ya like mu$ic, it’$ worth a li$ten. If ya like cinematography at all, da video’$ worth a watch.” With his mixtape titled “Fuck Ea$tland“, Lil P$eudo shows no signs of slowing down, poised to solidify his place in the Hip Hop story.

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