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Published on March 2nd, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Michelle Langone: Classically Trained Musician Announces ‘Home Reimagined’

With 100,000 streams across all platforms, a quarter of a million followers on social media, and widespread acclaim from the music press, Michelle Langone’s soulful, operatic pop brand has already helped her garner a big fanbase. Now, she’s choosing 2024 as the year she releases her best songs to date and becomes a significant force in the music industry. Michelle Langone recently announced the upcoming release of her latest single, ‘Home Reimagined,’ on March 8th. 

The song – a reworking of one of the artist’s first-ever releases, ‘Home’ – is a powerful, soulful new track from a singer showing much promise over the last three years. 

As well as announcing her new single, Michelle Langone has shared that she has been working on her debut full-length album since November 2022.  Entitled From My Soul To Yours, the album is set to be released in November 2024. 

A Busy 2024

As a classically trained musician, Florida-based Michelle Langone won acclaim in her local area throughout high school and college for her unique singing voice.

But when she turned to recording her music, her innovation won legions of new fans over. Michelle won attention for, in her words, “bending the rules, blending genres, and playing outside of the box of established creative conventions with her versatile singing ability.”

It was a somewhat brave decision when she released her debut EP album, Coming Home, in 2022. The EP was difficult to define in terms of genres, and Michelle’s music and lyrics dealt with high-minded themes such as faith, healing, and the nature of the soul. These were songs that, in her words, prioritized “nuanced storytelling,” “transcendent vocals,” and music that “speaks the language of the soul.” They weren’t light or simple songs; they openly dealt with the complexity of spirituality. 

However, the EP was an unprecedented success, paving the way for Michelle to become an ambitious, soul-searching artist. She has released several singles since 2022 but now plans on making 2024 the year where she steps out of the shadows and into the limelight. 

Michelle’s new single, ‘Home Reimagined,’ is scheduled to be released on March 8th. As a reworked version of her 2022 song ‘Home,’ this new single is given an exhilarating EDM twist, thanks to producer and music legend Jake Neumar of BHAVIOR Music. 

‘Home Reimagined’ marks the first jumping-off point for Michelle in 2024. The artist is working on her debut full-length album, From My Soul To Yours. The album is set to be released on November 1, 2024. And while Michelle has been tight-lipped on what fans can expect from the album, her team has said the work “promises more collaboration, deeper storytelling, and unparalleled vocal prowess.”

Watch for what the next few months will bring for this emerging star… 

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