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Published on March 1st, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Renewal Process of LEI Number

The Legal Entity Identifier number is a unique 20-character alphanumeric code essential for businesses and organisations operating in the financial markets. It serves as a crucial identification mechanism, enabling regulators and market participants to track and monitor entities involved in financial transactions. To maintain the accuracy and integrity of the LEI register, renewal of LEI numbers is mandatory. This article will guide you through the renewal process of an LEI number, ensuring that your organisation remains compliant and operational.

Understanding the Importance of LEI Renewal

The introduction of the LEI system aimed to improve transparency and reduce risks within the global financial system. LEIs help identify and connect entities involved in financial transactions, aiding regulatory authorities and market participants in assessing potential risks.

Timely Renewal

The first step in the renewal process is to understand the renewal timeline. LEI numbers have an annual renewal requirement. Organizations must initiate the renewal process well in advance to ensure their LEI remains active and compliant. Waiting until the last moment can lead to disruptions in your financial activities.

Verification of LEI Information

Before initiating the renewal process, organizations should review and verify their LEI information. Ensuring that all the data associated with the LEI is accurate and up-to-date is crucial. Any discrepancies or outdated information should be rectified promptly.

Selecting a Local Operating Unit (LOU)

The next step involves choosing a Local Operating Unit (LOU) for renewal. An LOU is an entity authorized to issue and manage LEIs. Each LOU may have its renewal process, so checking with your chosen LOU for specific instructions and requirements is essential.

Submission of Renewal Application

Once you have selected your LOU, you can begin the renewal application process. The application typically involves updating and confirming your entity’s information, including legal name changes, address updates, and other relevant details. Provide accurate and current information to avoid any complications.

Payment of Renewal Fees

Renewing an LEI number usually comes with associated fees, which vary depending on the LOU and jurisdiction. Ensure that you make the necessary payments as instructed by your chosen LOU. Payment delays can lead to the deactivation of your LEI, hindering your ability to participate in financial markets.

Verification and Validation

After submitting your renewal application and fees, the LOU will verify and validate the information provided. This step ensures that the data associated with your LEI is accurate and compliant with the LEI standards. Any discrepancies or issues will be addressed during this verification process.

Receiving the Renewed LEI

Once the renewal process is completed, you will receive the renewed LEI number. Maintaining the security and accessibility of this number is crucial, as it will be necessary for upcoming financial transactions and compliance with regulatory reporting obligations.

Updating LEI Information

Even after the renewal process, it is crucial to regularly review and update your LEI information as changes occur within your organization. Any modifications to your legal structure, ownership, or other relevant details should be promptly reported to your LOU to maintain the accuracy of your LEI data.


The renewal process of an LEI number is a vital obligation for organizations operating in the financial markets. Timely renewal, accurate information verification, and compliance with the requirements of your chosen LOU are essential steps to ensure that your LEI Register remains active and up-to-date. By following the renewal procedure diligently, organisations play a crucial role in upholding the transparency and trustworthiness of the worldwide financial system, empowering regulatory bodies and market stakeholders to make well-informed choices and proficiently handle potential risks. Remember that failing to renew your LEI promptly can disrupt your financial activities, so stay proactive and ensure your LEI remains in good standing.

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