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Published on March 1st, 2024 | by XO


The Shirtless Saga of ZRH: From Fitness to Funk

ZRH is the new musical guru in town, so DJ Khaled, get over here. This Miami-based fitness expert turned musician is making waves with his new newly dropped album, “Shirtless,” and track, “Clue.” ZRH is pronounced as “Zurich,” like the Swiss capital. However, who is the musician, and how did he go from crunches to appealing tunes?

Introducing Zach Ryan Haller, widely known as ZRH. Haller isn’t satisfied to just work out; he’s taken his skills from the gym to the studio and created a bold and dynamic musical trip. Haller has worked with composers Bryan Lash and Alex English to produce an album that will definitely raise your pulse rate—in more ways than one.

Though ZRH is referred to as a “solo project,” it is everything but. “Shirtless” is a real collaboration of skills, with Alex English contributing his Fort Lauderdale charm to seven tunes and Bryan Lash adding his Seattle flare to three previously released tracks. The album’s nine songs, which total 33 minutes, each deliver a distinctive electronic dance and funk combination that will definitely have you moving.

“Rendezvous,” an English-language reggaeton hit that is as catchy and addictive, is one particularly noteworthy song. This song, co-produced by Alex English, just scratches the surface of what “Shirtless’’ is capable of. However, the good times won’t end there, as ZRH’s latest song, “Clue,” was released on Friday, February 2, 2024, giving fans even more reason to celebrate.

Haller’s path to musical fame, however, has not been typical at all. He was one of the pioneers in the Chicago startup sector and a driving force in the fitness business. He was named to the Windy City Times’ 30 Under 30 list in 2014. He is known as a great visionary in the gym and beyond because of his dedication to innovation and quality.

Haller intends to mix his own music with live fitness instruction to create a unique funk and fitness blend that will definitely get people moving. Haller is prepared to push his music—as well as his exercise regimen—to new heights with live performances and music yoga workshops scheduled for Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

ZRH thus offers something for everyone, regardless of your passion for music or exercise. So get your mat, turn up the music, and get ready for an unforgettable musical experience. “Shirtless” is here and is poised to get you moving.




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