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Published on March 21st, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Track Society Announces “Track Meet (2024)” its Inaugural Invitational Event

I’m honored to announce my participation as a founding board member of the newly formed nonprofit organization Track Society, a 501(C)(3) non-profit foundation, and share with you our upcoming inaugural happening, Track Meet (2024). Track Society is delighted to unveil the inaugural “Track Meet,” in Houston, Texas, June 28-29, 2024 an exclusive event dedicated to empowering independent music artists and their teams. Hosted by Track Society, and presenting partner Avant Media Institute, this groundbreaking happening promises to provide comprehensive tools and resources for the music and entertainment industry.

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At Track Society, our core mission is to foster a supportive community that nurtures talent, encourages professional growth, and prioritizes holistic well-being. Drawing inspiration from the expertise and diverse experiences of our members, we aim to cultivate a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose, uniting individuals from various backgrounds to champion each other’s creative endeavors.

The “Track Meet” event serves as a vital platform for independent music artists and their teams, offering tailored support and guidance to navigate the unique challenges they encounter. In collaboration with presenting partner Avant Media Institute and media partner The Hype Magazine, via myself as Editor-in-Chief, this exclusive event promises unparalleled opportunities for growth and collaboration for independent music creatives and their teams. I’ll personally be on-site conducting practice interviews for 20 attendees in the professional podcast studio of the institute. I’ll share some tips for the artist AND their team based on more than 20 years in the media and PR industries. Interested “Track Meet” registerees will shortly, be able to access raffle tickets to be among that 20.

You can find out more about the Track Meet in Houston here, and of course, any support is welcome and appreciated.

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As a trusted authority in the industry, Track Society is synonymous with reliability and expertise. We strive to be the go-to destination for independent artists and their teams seeking guidance and support on their path to success. Through our multifaceted approach, we bridge the gap between independent music professionals and the wider industry, facilitating growth, collaboration, and ultimately, success. Meet the founding board of Track Society on the official website

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Track Society’s “Track Meet” represents more than just an event—it’s a catalyst for positive change within the independent music community. By invitation only, this gathering presents an invaluable opportunity to empower artists and their teams, foster knowledge, and forge meaningful relationships within the industry. Join us in Houston this June and become a part of this transformative experience.

Watch the Track Society journey unfold on Instagram @tracksociety501c3 as we actively work to provide actionable guides to perfecting one’s craft and being prepared for the success you ignite in your career.

If you’d like to support Track Society’s efforts, there are several options to choose from below:

Campaign for Track Society: Track Meet 2024
Main Page for Track Society

For further information on participation and other opportunities, please contact:

Sabella “Bella” Reyes, LCSW

Executive Director and Founder: Track Society 501(C)(3) non-profit organization




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