Usher Pops Out McDonald’s Unveil of IRL WcDonald’s Restaurant in LA

In a weekend exclusive, McDonald’s introduces its inaugural real-life WcDonald’s establishment in Los Angeles. Pop sensation Usher, accompanied by his son Naviyd Ely, dropped by the immersive dining experience, savoring Chicken WcNuggets, fries, and the freshly launched WcDonald’s sauce while conversing with renowned manga artist and illustrator Acky Bright, the visionary behind WcDonald’s characters and packaging.

An Anime Fusion Culinary Adventure

McDonald’s curates a distinctive amalgamation of anime, entertainment, and cuisine at this unparalleled event, plunging anime aficionados into the enthralling WcDonald’s universe. Guests partake in a sensory feast with 360-degree and tabletop light projections featuring characters from the new dimension and scenes inspired by the WcDonald’s anime series, all while delighting in a tailored selection of iconic WcDonald’s delicacies.

A Global Initiative

This pioneering endeavor forms part of McDonald’s global campaign to animate the fan-inspired, anime-infused world, showcasing a fresh sauce, anime series, and original packaging developed in collaboration with luminaries in the anime domain.

Usher’s Passion for Anime

Usher, a renowned devotee of anime, recently thrilled fans with a TikTok clip showcasing him embodying a classic anime persona. Seizing the opportunity while passing by the experience, Usher and his son immersed themselves in the ambiance, relishing the chance to meet Acky Bright and applaud his artistic genius.


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