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Published on April 6th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Did the Global Currency Market Feel Universal Music Group’s Decision on TikTok Licensing?

Some undeniable truths affect creatives in the music space, in the end, final control of when, where, and how their art is/can/will be allowed to be used often lies in the hands of others. One move that turned the industry on its ear is Universal Music Group removing their entire catalog from the social media app TikTok over concerns about…of course…money. The forward-facing message about the move is the further protection of artists under the UMG umbrella. With UMG being a publicly traded company, yes, you can buy stock in Universal Music Group, the move may have caused some ripples in the currency market. Since it was a business decision that had a financial impact on creatives who were using or benefitting from their licensed music on the platform AND with the explosive changes around that time and after this announcement I wanted to know how this touched the currency market since this is an international powerhouse company with billions in revenue.

My Query: How has the withdrawal of Universal Music Group from TikTok and announcing their extended and enhanced strategic partnership with Spotify moved the needle on the currency market? Here’s what we found out via a research partner:

CasinospotFR analyzing the impact of Universal Music Group’s (UMG) strategic shift from TikTok to Spotify reveals significant implications for the music and currency market. This strategic realignment emphasizes enhanced music discovery, social interaction, and monetization, which can potentially influence market dynamics.
  1. Market Share and Revenue Growth
-Pre-Partnership: UMG’s reliance on TikTok provided a platform for music promotion but faced limitations in monetization and artist compensation.
-Post-Partnership: Partnering with Spotify, UMG accesses a broader user base, better revenue models, and enhanced promotional tools, likely leading to increased market share and higher revenue streams.
  1. Artist and Content Strategy
-Content Offering: UMG’s catalog expansion to 4 million songs, including high-profile artists like Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, now integrates with Spotify’s video feature, enhancing user engagement.
-Artist Promotion: New tools on Spotify allow UMG artists to share music teasers and pre-save upcoming releases, improving artist visibility and fan engagement.
  1. Currency Market Influence
  • Investment Inflow: The enhanced partnership could attract more investors to both Spotify and UMG, potentially impacting stock prices and investor sentiment in the currency market related to the entertainment and tech sectors.
  • Royalty Payments and Revenue Distribution: Improved monetization through Spotify may lead to better royalty payments to artists and songwriters, influencing financial flows in the music industry and associated currency markets.
  1. Technological and Strategic Development
  • Innovative Features: Spotify’s introduction of music videos and social features represents a strategic move to dominate the music streaming market, potentially affecting competitive dynamics and technological investments in the sector.
  • Market Positioning: UMG’s strategy to prioritize Spotify over TikTok signifies a shift towards platforms offering better control over content and revenue, possibly setting a trend in the music industry that affects market valuations and currency movements.


UMG’s withdrawal from TikTok and enhanced partnership with Spotify marks a pivotal shift in the music industry’s approach to digital content distribution and monetization. This strategic move is likely to influence not only the market share and revenue of UMG and Spotify but also the broader currency market dynamics associated with the entertainment and technology sectors. By capitalizing on Spotify’s extensive reach and advanced promotional tools, UMG can potentially secure a more stable and profitable position in the market, thereby affecting financial flows and investment trends in related currency markets.
Photo by John Guccione from Pexels

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