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Published on April 13th, 2024 | by Just Jay


Yhapojj Shares New Video Single “Make Sum Noise”

Fresh off appearing in Rolling Stones’ “2024 Future of Music” print issue that hailed him as a “young act at the vanguard of underground rap”Yhapojj has just shared his new single Make Sum Noise. Serving as his second release of 2024, “Make Sum Noise” arrives on the heels of a momentous run for Yhapojj, following a breakthrough year in 2023 that was capped off by a riotous NYC show getting shut down by the NYPD in December, and February’s “hope ulike me” (1.5M+ Streams) – a track that Our Generation Music praised as “an embodiment of Yhapo’s quick ascent in the underground”.

Yhapojj’s Latest Single ‘Make Sum Noise’ Marks Continued Rise in Hip-Hop’s Underground Scene

Led by his viral standout single “1o” (3.5M+ Streams), Yhapojj has quickly risen to the forefront of Hip-Hop’s new underground wave since breaking into the Top 100 of Apple Music’s ‘Top Albums’ chart with his 2023 EP, Evolution of Xur.

After earning his place on Year-End lists like No Bells’ ‘Best Internet Rap of 2023’ and being named one of both OGM and COMPLEXArtists to Watch in 2024’Yhapojj has emerged as a torchbearer for the forward-thinking “jerk” sound he’s helped pioneer. Continuing to showcase why he’s been hailed as one a definitive must-watch artist, Yhapojj’s new single “Make Sum Noise” is out now via Simple Stupid Records.

Defined by candy-coated production and full-bodied syrupy vocals, “Make Sum Noise” is a carefree, high-octane joyride. Clocking in at just under two minutes, and rooted in a single thrill-seeking refrain (“Where all the bitches at? / Can you make some noise?”), the new single showcases why Passion of the Weiss recently heralded Yhapojj as an artist using “his deep, distinct voice and an uncanny, hard-to-follow way of talk-rapping that isn’t easy to forget” to stand out among the pack.

Using each release to level up last year, he followed up his previous high water mark in “You Lookin Gud” (1.3M+ Streams) only a month later with “1o”, and the entirety of his Evolution of Xur EP, going on a steady ascension ever since.

Yhapojj’s Continuous Rise: From ‘You Lookin Gud’ to ‘1o’ and Beyond

Yhapojj reached a viral benchmark when his sold-out show at Mercury Lounge in NYC was dramatically shut down due to massive overcrowding, resulting in an impromptu concert in LES Skatepark (documented by Our Generation Music alongside fellow rising stars xaviersobased and Nettspend).

Now with his second release of the year, “Make Sum Noise”Yhapojj is continuing to push the boundaries of what underground Hip Hop can sound like while feeding the newfound demand for his distinctive, melody-driven sound and refreshing emotional candor that has captured the imagination of the youth.

Please find links to stream and watch “Make Sum Noise” below, and stay tuned for more announcements to come:

Hailing from Huntsville, Alabama, Yhapojj is a 19-year old artist who’s single-handedly creating a new wave of forward-thinking, expressive Hip-Hop coming out of his state and taking over the underground. With the lack of a local scene surrounding him, he’s turned to inspiration from artists like ILoveMakonnen and the late Freddie Mercury of Queen to create his own sound highlighted by uniquely slurred vocals to match with his candid lyricism.

Making it Real

Bluntly sharing personal struggles and feelings of pain, while tackling topics like heartbreak and isolation are a common theme across his music – “Sstay Away From Me” is about falling out with a long-time friend while other tracks like “Hurt My Feelings” (2.6M+ Streams) find him experimenting with his falsetto vocals and addressing his mental state. Currently riding off the success of his most popular song to date, “1o” (3.5M+ Streams) off his latest project Evolution of XurYhapojj racked up over 6 Million Streams in 2023 and skyrocketed to the forefront of the underground with the help of viral moments like the shutdown of his over-attended show at Mercury Lounge in NYC in December.

In the process, Yhapojj is on a mission to serve as an example for young black men to deal with their struggles head-on. He was initially inspired to begin taking music seriously after going to prison – during his time spent there, he began to write confessional songs while honing in on his life purpose.

The Breakthrough

Yhappjj caught major recognition thanks to his collaboration with Ohio-based underground rap innovator Izaya Tiji, and despite being fiercely independent gained traction with solo songs like “Hittin” and “On My Last”.

Spending the past few years serving as a crucial member of Hip Hop’s underground scene, the recent explosion of songs like “You Lookin Gud” and “1o”, as well as the rise of interest in the new wave “jerk” sound he helped pioneer, have catapulted him to the front of the pack. Now undeniably an Artist to Watch in 2024, Yhapojj is ready to take full advantage of his newfound starpower with new releases “hope ulike me” and “Make Sum Noise” – out now.


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