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Published on May 14th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Bringing Dreams to Life – Latricia Thomas’ Quest for Makeup Perfection

Although makeup is often frowned upon or misunderstood as something superficial, it’s true essence lies in its ability to help women feel confident and empowered. Far from being mere cosmetic, makeup holds the ability to uplift spirits and celebrate individuality. In a world where beauty standards can often make you feel insecure, makeup swoops in like a superhero, letting you express yourself in cool, colorful ways. It’s like painting a canvas, but your face is the masterpiece! It’s a form of self-care and creativity that goes beyond the surface, symbolizing the beauty of empowerment through art.

Such are the beliefs of Latricia Thomas, a budding makeup artist hailing from the vibrant city of Burnsville. A recent graduate from QC Makeup Academy, Latricia’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in her upbringing. Growing up, she always found herself mesmerized by makeup, with every brushstroke making her feel joyous and liberated. Now, armed with fresh certification and a world of inspiration, Latricia is ready to make her mark in the makeup industry, blending her unique style with a passion for empowering others through beauty and self-expression.

Latricia Thomas - agency submitted | Makeup

Latricia Thomas – agency submitted

Latricia’s perspective on makeup runs deep—it’s not just about changing appearances but embracing one’s true self. Posts on her Instagram account (beautifulblackqueen1991) echo this sentiment, emphasizing self-love with phrases like, “Always tell yourself you are beautiful just the way you are” and “Love yourself for who you are and don’t let nobody take that away from you.” Even as she masters different styles like natural makeup, bridal or party looks, soft glam, and celebrity makeup, her core belief remains unwavering—makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not mask it. This genuine message shines through in her work, showcasing her commitment to encourage other women to celebrate themselves through makeup.

What sets Latricia’s makeup apart is her thoughtful approach—she doesn’t aim to make you look unrecognizable with cosmetics. Instead, she focuses on enhancing your natural features, taking into account what suits you best and what doesn’t. There’s no one-size-fits-all method in her art-work; she tailors makeup to each client’s preferences, considering factors like skin color, facial features, and personal style. This personalized approach ensures that every makeup session with Latricia is a unique and satisfying experience, leaving clients feeling confident and beautiful in their own skin.

After dedicating years to studying various skin types and their specific needs, Latricia possesses a deep understanding of how to make each skin type appear plump and healthy. Her expertise ensures that her looks never appear tacky or cakey; instead, they exude a natural and pleasant appearance. Latricia’s secret lies in her use of high-quality products on her clients, coupled with her meticulous approach to skin preparation. She invests ample time in prepping the skin, ensuring that the makeup not only looks flawless but also lasts longer, creating a lasting impression of radiance and beauty.

One of the reasons Latricia stands out as our favorite makeup artist is her commitment to diversity. Regardless of your background, Latricia has an innate understanding of what will complement you best. Her diverse client base spans across various ethnicities, from Asians to Arabs, Europeans to Indians, and more. Women from all walks of life flock to her, eager to look their absolute best on their favorite days. Latricia’s ability to cater to the unique beauty needs of every individual is what makes her a sought-after artist and a true champion of inclusivity in the beauty industry.

Latricia’s impact through makeup is nothing short of extraordinary. Her ability to help people feel less insecure, boost their confidence, and create a sense of comfort and beauty in their own skin is what fuels her passion. Makeup artists like Latricia often don’t receive the recognition they deserve, but it’s high time we start appreciating their invaluable contributions. They play a significant role in not just enhancing appearances but also uplifting spirits and bringing dreams to life. 


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