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Published on May 13th, 2024 | by Bryson "Boom" Paul


Exploring the Urban Tapestry: An Inside Look into Author Tana B’s Latest Novel

In the vibrant world of urban fiction, where the streets serve as both stage and character, Author Tana B emerges with a compelling narrative that delves into the intricacies of love, betrayal, and survival. With her latest offering, “This Game Called Love,” Tana B takes readers on a gripping journey through the dangerous labyrinth of romance and danger, set against the backdrop of her hometown, Boston. In an exclusive interview, Tana B shares insights into her inspiration, writing process, and the profound themes that shape her work.

A Tale of Love and Betrayal

“This Game Called Love” introduces readers to Teyanna, a young woman ensnared in a perilous web of passion and deception. As Teyanna navigates the complexities of newfound love with the enigmatic bad boy, Terror, she must also contend with threats from her vengeful ex, Rico, and an unsuspected enemy lurking within her social circle. Inspired by Tana B’s own experiences and her deep immersion in the works of other urban authors, the novel paints a vivid portrait of love, betrayal, and the challenges of human relationships.

Themes That Resonate

At the heart of “This Game Called Love” are themes of love, betrayal, survival, and the intricacies of human connection. TanaB explores how past experiences, conflicting emotions, and external threats can complicate romantic relationships while delving into issues of power and control that affect the main characters and their loved ones.

A Personal Journey

Drawing from years of reading urban fiction and her life experiences, Tana B infuses “This Game Called Love” with raw emotion and authenticity, creating a narrative that resonates deeply with readers. The challenges of balancing a full-time job and education, along with bouts of writer’s block and self-doubt, were overcome through perseverance and dedication to her craft.


A Message of Empowerment

With “This Game Called Love,” Tana B hopes to reach urban fiction enthusiasts and lovers of thriller and mystery novels alike. More than mere entertainment, she aims to impart messages of empathy, understanding, and the importance of self-worth and setting boundaries in relationships.

Looking Ahead

As readers eagerly anticipate the release of “This Game Called Love,” Tana B remains committed to her craft, with plans to continue writing and releasing new novels soon. With each work, she seeks to elevate urban voices and engage readers’ imaginations and emotions, offering compelling narratives that reflect the complexities of human interactions in a turbulent world.

In a literary landscape filled with twists and turns, “This Game Called Love” stands out for its gripping exploration of complex relationships, power dynamics, and the challenges of love in an urban environment. Through Tana B’s skillful storytelling, readers are invited to embark on an emotional journey that will leave them questioning the nature of love, loyalty, and self-preservation. Order your copy Today.



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