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Published on June 8th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


5 Founders Brought Closer Through Reality TV Competition

The Blox is the largest live-in startup competition on the planet. Founders from all over the world come to compete in a week-long pitch competition where they are ranked from first to last, and they receive an accelerated education during the week. The entire event is filmed so viewers can follow along and learn while watching. Interestingly enough, Season 11 brought these 5 “Bloxers” all from the Seattle metro area together. While they may have been strangers before their appearance on this reality TV show, where previous seasons can be seen on Prime Video, they certainly left the experience much closer than they were beforehand. Here are 5 solid founders from Washington who gave their all during Season 11 of The Blox. You can watch their season on the BetaBlox app for now.

The Blox - Reality Television

Shaylin Davis

Shaylin Davis, Founder and CEO of B.A.F. Bombs LLC, brings a unique and diverse background to her culinary business. With a career spanning sports broadcasting, journalism, psychology, and military service, Shaylin eventually discovered her passion for cooking. This led to the creation of B.A.F. Bombs—innovative spice blends designed for effortless crockpot and instant pot meals.

The inspiration for B.A.F. Bombs emerged during the pandemic when Shaylin, immersed in perfecting intricate recipes, began selling birria ramen and tacos to her neighbors. Her culinary creations were a hit, leading to the idea of selling spice blends for easy, authentic home cooking. The birria bomb, her first product, quickly gained popularity on TikTok, presenting both exciting opportunities and challenges in managing rapid growth and inventory.

Shaylin’s dedication to quality and customer service distinguishes B.A.F. Bombs in the market. Despite initial obstacles, she remains committed to delivering exceptional flavors and supporting her community. Shaylin aims to make B.A.F. Bombs a pantry staple worldwide, continuously expanding her product line to include diverse cuisines.

Driven by a mission to help women in need and a passion for authentic cooking, Shaylin Davis is transforming the way people prepare and enjoy meals, one bomb at a time.

Kenneth Huffman Jr.

Kenneth Huffman Jr., Founder and CEO of Rogue Wrestling Attractions, LLC, has made significant strides in the sports entertainment industry by hosting professional wrestling events and training local talent. Rogue Wrestling Attractions caters to fans seeking thrilling and meaningful wrestling experiences. What sets the company apart is its full licensing and commitment to growth, ensuring high-quality events. Despite being relatively new, the company sold over 300 tickets for each of its January and February shows, showcasing its immediate impact. When Kenneth isn’t managing events, he enjoys spending time with his fiancée Katelynn, his family, and Katelynn’s family, often camping together. For more information, visit 

Nathan Rogers & Liora Eko-Rogers

Nathan Rogers and Liora Eko-Rogers, the founders of Cacao Kingdom, LLC, are dedicated to producing high-quality, responsibly sourced bean-to-bar craft chocolate. Their company stands out in the food manufacturing industry by ensuring their products are free from slave and child labor, appealing to chocolate lovers who care about the origins of their treats. They solve the problem of traceability and ethical sourcing in chocolate production, offering a guilt-free indulgence. When not focused on their business, Nathan and Liora enjoy spending time with their three young children and traveling. For more information, visit

Eryn Anitavi

Eryn Anitavi is the founder of Sapphire Partners & The Sapphire Academy, a company providing executive support and training for administrative professionals. Sapphire Partners manages executive support and chiefs of staff for business leaders, specializing in neurodivergence and micro businesses. The Sapphire Academy offers a community and training for executive assistants aiming for career growth. Eryn’s services alleviate overwhelm, support executive function, and enhance productivity. What sets her apart is a customized pricing model and over 250 service options. Eryn, a public speaker and podcast guest, enjoys horology, endurance skating, and casual archery in her personal time. She resides in Seattle, embracing a life filled with adventure and creativity.

Pamela Nygaard

Pamela Nygaard is the founder of Genexy Health, also known as Health Genie, a company dedicated to helping mid to large employers reduce healthcare costs through global health solutions. Genexy Health addresses the rising healthcare expenses and chronic health issues that burden employers by providing effective health and wellness tools for self-funded employers. What sets them apart is their innovative use of global health practices, beyond just Western medicine, and their expertise as insurance insiders. Pamela, who uses she/her pronouns, has led her company to become a finalist in the First Look Forum for Startups and a participant in the Blox. Outside of work, she enjoys sailing, scuba diving, international travel, competitive ballroom dancing, and spending time with her family.


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