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DEF MACHINE Weighs in on “Slam Dance” feat. Frank Nitt, Diggidy & VOIS

DEF MACHINE acts as the bridge between the music of yesterday and today. Through their music, listeners can travel through the way music has evolved while still being able to hold to the classic sounds we all grew up listening to. Through DEF MACHINE, musicians and producers alike can take their raw talent of mastering the anatomy of instruments, voice, and sound to showcase true art. Their newest releases are the first look into their unreleased album that explores a wide variety of genres; in this case, a fast rap mixed with Gospel elements in “Breakthru” and hard-rock rap in “Slam Dance.” They have learned from the musicians they love and admire but are now paving their distinctive path and sound.


“Slam Dance” is a different kind of musical high; one where people sing and dance with each other all night, with a fast-paced breakdown of words with intense drums and electric guitar.

The video for “Slam Dance” has wild, colorful effects as a band plays enclosed the graffiti walls of a loud club. Extreme forms of excitement of lust perfectly match the passionate lyrics.

DEF MACHINE took a moment to weigh in on a few things regarding the single and video!

Could you share with us a bit about your musical journey and how your diverse range of influences has shaped your sound?

“Absolutely! My musical journey has been deeply influenced by the diverse range of artists I was exposed to growing up. My dad had an eclectic taste, playing everything from Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to the Jackson 5, The Temptations, and Kiss. This melting pot of genres shaped my unique sound, as music was never segregated in my upbringing. It instilled in me a love for blending different styles and breaking musical boundaries.”

Rap and rock are traditionally distinct genres. What led you to experiment with combining these styles in your latest song?

“I’m driven by the groove, and every piece of music I create has to make my head nod and my toes tap. When I write, it’s all about that irresistible rhythm that transcends genre boundaries.

How do you feel they complement each other in conveying the message of the song?

Merging rap and rock felt natural because both styles have that raw energy and pulse that keeps you moving. It’s about capturing that infectious groove and letting it drive the entire track.”

Can you tell us about some of the artists or bands that have inspired your music, and how their styles may have influenced this particular song?

“This song draws heavy inspiration from the nu-metal scene, particularly bands like Limp Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine. We blended their aggressive energy with funky bass lines and layered it with Eddie Van Halen’s iconic guitar rhythms. To top it off, we added some blazing 80’s metal guitar solos, creating a unique fusion that’s both nostalgic and fresh.”

Can you walk us through your creative process? How did you approach merging these two distinct sounds into a cohesive piece?

“Absolutely! Once I have the bass line and hook laid down, I team up with my bro Joey Mazzola. We dive into a collaborative session where Joey takes my bass line and adds his magic touch. He always comes back with something that’s pure fire. This dynamic synergy between us brings out the best in our music and is key to creating our unique sound I call it Bass Metal which a mixture of Metal Music, Hip Hop, and Funk with 80’s Metal Guitar Solos.”

What inspired the visual aesthetic of the music video, and how does it reflect the energy and emotion of the music?

“The ‘Slam Dance’ music video is a wild ride fueled by the electrifying energy of our live shows. We aimed to bottle that raw, in-your-face experience for fans who haven’t caught us live yet. The video plunges you into the heart of the chaos, capturing the intensity of being front and center as we unleash on stage. It’s all about delivering that visceral, high-octane performance vibe straight to our fans’ screens.”

The setting of the music video seems to play a significant role in conveying the mood of the song. Can you discuss the choice of location and how it contributes to the overall atmosphere?

“We chose Club I-Rock because it perfectly captured the vibe we and our director envisioned. Its gritty, high-energy atmosphere was exactly what we needed to match the song’s intensity. The club’s raw, authentic aesthetic adds an extra layer of depth to the video, making it feel like you’re right there in the thick of the action.”

Were there any specific messages or emotions you aimed to convey through the storyline of the music video?

“There wasn’t a particular message we were trying to convey; it was more about capturing the fun and excitement of the moment. The video is all about enjoying the vibe, connecting with the crowd, and having a great time, especially with the girls. It’s a celebration of those spontaneous, unforgettable nights.”

Music videos often serve as a way to connect with fans on a deeper level. How do you hope viewers will interpret and engage with the visual storytelling of this music video?

“I hope fans dive into the musical journey we’ve embarked on and feel the energy and passion we’ve poured into Slam Dance. I want them to enjoy the ride, get lost in the visuals, and connect with the story we’re telling through our music.”

With the success of this music video, are there any plans for future visual projects or collaborations that you’re excited to explore?

We’re gearing up to delve into a mesmerizing rendition of Parachute’s “Something to Believe in,” alongside an electrifying original track dubbed “Act Right Juice,” and the captivating title anthem of our album, “America: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.”



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