Fresh Start Program

Fresh Start Program

H.Y.P.E. Fresh Start Program

Since 2007, the homeless rate has grown 20%. The Hype Magazine and Raynbow Affair Magazine are doing our part helping. They are going into different communities across the country and providing the homeless with a Fresh Start Cleansing Pack. Each Fresh Start Cleansing Pack includes fresh shirts, socks, undergarments, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, washcloths, and shower shoes. When you’re clean, you feel better and think clearly. It’s a small gesture to those of us who take simple necessities for granted, but to a homeless person, it could help them to the next level of a new look on life. It’s all of our jobs to help our community!

The Hype Magazine and Raynbow Affair Magazine present the Fresh Start Program to build a comprehensive campaign created to help homeless people in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas return to healthy and stable lives. It is a collaborative effort by homeless service providers, elected government officials, administrators, housing developers, community leaders, clergy, and formerly homeless people. The recommendations that follow are evidence-based and draw from the best practices of innovative programs and initiatives throughout the United States. The Fresh Start campaign is intended to motivate homeless individuals, to self start themselves; the clean body produces clear thoughts that help improve our communities across the world. This emphasis on chronic homelessness reflects a growing body of research demonstrating that members of the chronic homeless population are poorly served for the long-term by existing efforts, even though they use a disproportionate share of emergency services and resources.

Fact: The growth of homelessness has far exceeded the capacity of local charitable groups, and inadequate funding is threatening their ability even to sustain the current level of services.

Homelessness is a societal problem that requires a partnership between private charities and the government, with active public support.

Myth: Homeless people don’t work and get most of their money from public assistance programs.

Fact: Many homeless people are among the working poor, and a relatively small percentage of them receive government assistance.

Our First Venture: Every year, men, women, and children live through the cold winters without a coat to keep warm. You may help provide them with this basic necessity.

Please join us on our mission to provide coats for the homeless. There are two ways area residents may help: Set up a collection campaign at your office, school, church, or community organization.