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Published on July 30th, 2014 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Industry Profile: Music Supervisor Mark Wike

Music Supervisor/ Mark Wike

Credits /

NCIS: Los Angeles, Damages, The Sitter, The Bag Man, Hung, Legit, The Riches, Staten Island Summer, Rock The Bells….

It all started when /

My band, The Bogmen were on tour in support of our debut album on Arista Records.  Our single, “Suddenly” was in heavy rotation across the country and as well as regular plays on MTV’s, “Alternative Nation”.  Things were cookin’!  We got the call that the song was going to be featured in a big scene in The Farrelly Brothers new film, “Kingpin”.  Everything was looking up. A couple weeks further into the tour, we found out the song was no longer in “Kingpin” and at the same time, MTV picked another artist for the addition to the “Buzz Bin”.   It hurt.  We still had momentum but that film placement was going to be a huge deal for many reasons and the timing was critical.  But it went away.

Soon after, director/producer friends asked me to help out with music on their indie features so I felt this was the perfect opportunity to not only create a new path on the side of the band but I swore to never let a band get f*cked out of such huge opportunities as film and tv placements.  I made a huge effort to educate artists on the ins and outs of licensing and NOT to let opportunities slip away.

Years later, we became friendly with Peter Farrelly who told us they tried hard to keep our song in the film but one of the licensors asked for too much money.  Argh!!!

Music suping allows me to time and time again right that wrong for so many artists.  Here’s a little nugget, a few years ago, my friend Brian Klein told me about this killer new artist he had just picked up so he sent me a few MP3s and I though they were awesome so I pitched them right away for a couple different scene in Damages.  Both songs stuck and they were essentially the first placements for this artist and those funds went on to support his tour.  He even emailed me directly thanking me.  It was so gratifying.  Now, Fitz & The Tantrums are signed to Warners and tour everywhere; he’s killing it.  Pretty cool!

Songs I am digging /

Jagwar Ma.  So cool.  Saw them live recently and felt like I was at a Happy Mondays show.  Love Diane Birch.  Just placed a cover she did (I produced and recorded, shameless plug) of “Landslide” in NCIS: LA which got her FB and Twitter following stoked.  On a very different note, I’ve been working with former star from the Voice, Trevin Hunte who has God’s gift of a voice.  He wrote a beautiful song for me which I placed in NCIS:LA and he also has a very powerful song appearing in the upcoming feature I suped, “From The Rough” due out in April.  Mark my words, Trevin Hunte will win a Grammy!!!

Independent artists you are listening too:.

1. Song: Funn

Artist: Cash + David

2. Song: There’s A Glow

Artist: NO

Mainstream, pro artists you are listening too: 

The mainstream & indie lines are a bit blurry.

1. Song: Team

Artist: Lorde

2. Song: Holding On For Life

Artist: Broken Bells

My Favorite Placements /

List 2 to 3 any placement you think were pretty damn cool against picture.

“Numb”, Gary Clark Jr., THE BAG MAN

“Landslide”, Diane Birch, NCIS: Los Angeles

“Kind Hearts”, Holy Folk, BRIGHTEST STAR


By Dylan Berry courtesy of Creator Collective

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