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Interview w/Sean Lyric

Sean Lyric is an up and coming artist who was born in Port Au Prince Haiti, but moved to Danbury Connecticut at the age of 9. He developed an appreciation for music as a young child and began rapping as a hobby, but it wasn’t until later down the road he would discover he wanted to pursue a career in the industry. In 2006, Sean Lyric packed his bags, and moved to New York to attend Long Island University Brooklyn.  Following the educational path society has set as the norm; he completed three years of college. Upon his senior year, he received bad news that he could no longer attend the institute due to financial reasons. Upset and discouraged, Sean Lyric directed his energy elsewhere, finding happiness in music. In January 2010 he decided to take his music interest further. With the support of his family, he quickly launched his rap career.

In April 2012, Sean Lyric released his first single “You Can See How I Live,” landing a spot on iTunes.  His mixtape “The Take off,” hosted by DJ Holiday, shortly followed. He recently released the 2nd part of that mixtape series “The TakeOff Reloaded” currently available via His music is versatile offering a variety of style. It fluctuates from fast and upbeat to smooth and mellow. His music is relatable, and can be enjoyed by any type of crowd. Sean Lyric says, “ I’m the what you see is what you get type of artist. I speak from the heart, and really do so to connect to the real fans that are backing me.” He is constantly grinding, releasing music for his fans whose opinions he values.

Sean Lyric has been thriving ever since he hit the scene and has opened for artist such as Travis Porter, Juelz Santana, Cyhi The Prince, and can be heard in collaborations with the likes of Sammie, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, and DJ Kay Slay

As you see yourself, who is Sean Lyric?
I see myself as just a small town guy from a Christian family oriented home with big aspirations. I just want the opportunity to be heard and make my mark in this industry.

Tell us a bit about your journey into music?
My journey to music is quite an interesting one because a career in music was never what I dreamed of growing up as a kid. I always wanted to be a sports journalism but going through the college situation and everything the tuition caught up to me and I was no longer able to attend so I turned to my musical talents to make something of a career.

With your music career taking off so well, do you think you will return to finish college?
I do plan on returning to college to finish off my studies no matter how high my musical career may escalate. I come from a home where education is everything no matter what your occupation is so we take very much pride in accomplishing these goals. Besides I only have about a couple semesters to complete my bachelors so that’s a no brainer.

You’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the top names and DJs in the industry, who was the most fun to work with?

The most fun artist I’ve had the chance to work with is probably Joe Budden due to the type of record that came of it. It’s a fun song and I think the people will see that when they hear it.

Do you have a specific formula in putting together a song since your music is so diverse?

As far as formulas to putting a song together I don’t specifically have a pattern to do that. It really comes depending on the vibes of that session or how I’m feeling on a certain day. Most of the time I already have the beat in my head and write off of that idea and take it to my producer and we make it come to life from there.

Who has been your greatest inspiration musically and why?

Honestly my biggest inspiration musically is the loved ones that are around me day in and out. They really motivate and push me to keep going and make the product that you guys hear.

As an artist has the way you listen to music changed?  Are you able to just enjoy listening?

LOL, I wouldn’t say the way I listen to music has changed but I am more selective now because of how the game is now saturated with a lot of music that sounds the same (whether good or bad), but yes I am still able to enjoy music these days. There’s a lot of amazing artists out there putting out amazing music.

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

My dream collaboration would have to be with JayZ & Kanye West on the same record. I think that’d be something.

Is there one track of yours that you feel defines you and why?

The one record of mine I think defines me is probably ‘Life’ off of my latest project ‘The TakeOff Reloaded’. It defines me because it talks about my life story and the daily struggle I fight and that’s what I want to relay to my supporters so they can relate and know that they’re not in it alone.

What’s up next for Sean Lyric?

Next for me is just continuing to put out quality music and building my fan base even more and make an impact with my music.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…

My craziest “Where They Do That At?!” moment would have to be at one of my concerts, two girls wanted to come on stage to dance and it got so competitive that they ended up having a strip off. I had no idea it would get to that point and it’ll never happen again but that was quite a crazed moment.

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