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Published on July 3rd, 2014 | by Daja Marie


Kamera Renee’

Tell us about Kamera Renee’? 

I am a model born and raised in Maryland anxiously waiting to change the world. What led me to start modeling was when I was younger, I was often teased and asked why I was so skinny so I did a little research and decided that I would not be unhappy with myself anymore. I decided that I was going to try something out that accepted me and my size and modeling was just that. After I set up my first photo shoot I fell in love with it. Modeling isn’t just about standing in front of a camera and being pretty. It is the process of using your face and body to create different looks. It goes hand and hand with acting you have to be able to deliver different emotions to get that unique shot. It’s a great feeling working for hours in front of the camera and seeing the end product, which is your picture, and seeing how hard you worked to get it. It is so much deeper than just taking a picture. I have so much more to learn in this industry but that is the beauty of it. I get to study, learn and grow into a stronger person because of that. I have no doubt that this is what I want to do on a full-time basis, this is my passion.

Who are your inspirations?

I have many inspirations, of course all of the major top models like Naomi Campbell , Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, and Twiggy who paved the way for us models now, and even some of the modern day models like Coco Rocha, who is the queen of posing. All of these models inspire me in so many different ways. For example, Tyra inspires me because of her amazing modeling but more so her story. Tyra and I have a similar story and it inspires me to do better each day.  Her story shows me that someone like myself can make it and anything is possible. Tyra showed me that it is okay to have imperfections and insecurities but to use them to your advantage and turn them beautiful. Models like Coco Rocha inspire me to be bold, fun, open, and free. She is not afraid to show her “ugly pretty” facial expressions and there are no limits to her poses. All of these models have inspired me tremendously but the person that inspires me the most is my mother. She has been by my side since the beginning and has supported me like no one else has. She has instilled in me knowledge, determination, and has been here during my most difficult times lifting me up and never letting me give up even when I wanted to. She is my number one fan.

What is your favorite category of photography, why?

I have a few favorite categories of photography. One of my favorites is black and white, it is something about black and white that just gives your photo another look and I think it makes photos more edgy. Another of my favorites is commercial for advertisements such as beauty. Headshots are one of my favorites because they really zone in and show you. There is no hiding behind an outfit or accessories it is just your beauty and your face.

Who would you like to work with in the future? 

In the future I would like to work with more well known photographers to give my portfolio more depth and range. I would also like to eventually work with some of the models that I am inspired by. I am always willing to learn and working with experienced models will open my eyes to a lot of things and teach me more about the modeling industry. These are just a few but in actuality, in the future I would love to work with as many models, designers, photographers, and clients as I can. There is no limit, it is always great to have as many contacts and connections as you can and that is why networking is so very important.

What is your ultimate career goal?

I do not have just one ultimate career goal. I have many goals and I believe that they are limitless. Of course, I want to get signed to a major agency, but once I get signed I do not want to stop there. I want to keep working, keep branding myself, and keep traveling. There are endless opportunities in the world and with each goal I reach, another door will open filled with even more opportunities.

Tell your fans something about you many would not know. 

Something about me that many would not know besides family and friends is that at times I can be a bit shy. By looking at my photos and footage from fashion shows I have been told that I look comfortable, that I have been doing this for “a long time”, and that I am so relaxed and focused. However before each show or photo shoot, I do get nervous. I just know that once I am in front of the camera, I need to to shut the nerves off and focus directly on the lens or my audience. Also, this may sound cliché but a lot of people don’t realize that at the end of the day I am just like them. In my free time I like to read, dance, play in makeup, and watch movies eating as many snacks as I can. A lot of people think that models are “stuck up”; are not relatable, and just think negative of us but we are just like you, we all have a story.

What artists are you listening to these days? 

The many artists that I listen to range from Beyonce, Drake, Rihanna, Mario, Neyo, and Usher. I also enjoy a lot of old school artists. I love all kinds of music soul, jazz, a little rock, and any artists that creates a song that has a good message and melody, something that  I can relate to.

Hype wants to know, what’s your craziest “where they do that at” moment…..

I remember back to one of my first photo shoots. I was about 15 years old and got on set excited and ready to shoot. The hairstylist started doing my hair and I did not like it, the stylist handed me my wardrobe I didn’t like that either and on top of that the photographer told me that we would also be going outside on different locations to get the shot. It was 20 degrees outside and I definitely had one of those “where they do that at” moments and it showed all on my face but my mother quickly pulled me to the side and had a long talk with me. The moral of the story is in this industry, it is a lot of things that you are not going to like, sometimes you are going to dislike your hair and wardrobe at shoots or even dislike your wardrobe at fashion shows but in this industry it is not about you. What isn’t “pretty” to you may be just the “look” that the photographer is going for. It is your job as a model to make the client happy and it took knowledge and time for me to understand that.


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