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Published on November 1st, 2014 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Chatting Up All Things Music & Fitness With Shawn Stockman [Boyz II Men]

“Beatbike” is about getting lost in the music and experiencing total immersion into a world of captivating sound and unparalleled energy” — Ashton Whited, Founder and COO of Beatbike Indoor Cycling Amphitheater

“We allow you to lose yourself for 45-minutes of your day and escape the pressures of life” — Ashton Whited, Founder and COO of Beatbike Indoor Cycling Amphitheater

“The music takes you away and the dimly lit room focuses your attention into the here and the now so that you can give your all without distraction” — Ashton Whited, Founder and COO of Beatbike Indoor Cycling Amphitheater

“We ride the sound, the music is the road”  — Ashton Whited, Founder and COO of Beatbike Indoor Cycling Amphitheater

What’s up, Mr. Stockman, how are you doing, Sir? For starters, let’s hop right into this brand new venture of yours; Beatbike — So tell me, what exactly is an “Indoor Cycling Amphitheater?”

An indoor cycling amphitheater is mainly a space equipped with stationary bicycles, designed for an outdoor cycling experience led by a professional instructor. In our — Beat Bike — case, we have an amphitheater with exactly 43 bikes placed in rows on platforms, so every cyclist has a clear view of the instructor.

It’s been reported that you are actually co-owner of the company, correct? So, how then exactly did you get involved in this particular type of business in the first place?

I was approached with this partnership by my now partner, Ashton Whited. She told me about the idea of fusing indoor cycling with high energy music that makes the workout experience unlike anything anyone has participated in. Needless to say I was enamored, thus the partnership.

With that being said, how truly “hands on” are you when it comes to the overall day to day operation(s) of Beatbike?

In a partnership, just like a singing group, everyone has their specific jobs. We have our individual obligations to the business, both Ashton and I are involved in everything that is Beatbike.

What are some of the different services and/or activities that you all offer to your clientele?

We provide, obviously, the indoor cycling component, as well as personal training. We have a weight room in the back of the facility with professional instructors that can help shape your body even beyond the indoor cycling. We have a pressed juice bar, a beautiful balcony overlooking Ventura Boulevard, individual showers for that boutique feel, free WiFi (so) after the workout you don’t have to rush out, you can enjoy all the aforementioned amenities while getting some work done on your laptop. We made Beatbike to look more like a lounge rather than a “gym,” so we encourage our folks to “hang out.”

Explain to me what you all are actually “talking” about when you say, “Ride the Sound?”

As my partner Ashton says, “The music is the road.” Music has an incredible power. It has the ability to transport you places you haven’t been in years, or where you’ve never gone before. What you hear can transform what you see. When riding on one of our Beatbike bikes, we play the music that sets the time and movement of the regiment, thus “riding the sound!”

In addition to Beatbike, of course, you are 1/3 of the legendary vocal collective Boyz II Men — It’s also my understanding that you all are currently gearing up for the release of your 11th studio collection, Collide…Conceptually, what does that title represent both to and for you all?

This album represents a point in our career where we are truly free from obligations musically. We recorded songs that just felt good to us. We didn’t care if it was a rock guitar or a kazoo in the song! If it felt good, we sang it! Our intention with this album is for our listeners to get an even deeper look into the minds of the group, and show it goes deeper than just singing R&B.

You guys; yourself, Nate & Wanya, recently unveiled the set’s first two fantastic offerings; “Better Half” and “Diamond Eyes,” on ABC’s The Bachelorette — Tell me about these particular compositions? How did they even come to fruition?

They were songs that were submitted to the project by our record label, BMG. We instantly fell in love with the sound of the songs. They were exactly what we meant far as doing something fresh!

In having said that, how then did this whole situation with this popular reality TV series actually happen? And, did you guys enjoy the experience overall?

TV shows approach us all the time, and both us and ABC thought being on The Bachelorette made a lot of sense. The premise is about love and romance, something we sing about. But, the scenarios we helped with were hella fun! The guys sucked at singing, but they were good sports.

Longevity, what exactly do you attribute yours to?

Love, respect, for each other and our fans, who we call “SOLDIERS OF LOVE” or “SOLs” or SOLFAM, who keep us alive with their love for what we do! Long as those elements stay in tact, we’ll do this till we can’t anymore.

On a more serious note, are you happy with the current state of R&B/Soul? And, as an extension to this question, where exactly do you think you all “fit in” when it comes to the sound-scape of today’s trending music?

I love some of the newer artists that are doing their thing; Adrian Marcel, Sebastian Mikael, The Internet, are some of my personal favorites. Some of it is a bit much, far as the lack of discretion in some of the music. Sometimes I think (with) some artists and (their) songs, it’s about “how can I shock people,” opposed to how I can set the backdrop for a smooth romantic and memorable moment. But, you can’t appreciate the Ying without the Yang!

To date, what has been your biggest career moment, at least so far anyway?

So far, the Hollywood Walk of Fame — Immortalization is always cool!

Is Soul Chemistry Projects still active? If so, what are your future goals and/or plans for the imprint?

Soul Chemistry Projects is no longer active. But, there are future projects that I hope to reveal very soon.

Are you all (Jewel, Ben Folds and Nick Lachey) planning on doing another/5th season of The Sing-Off?

We haven’t gotten the word from NBC as of yet, but I love the show and I hope it does come back

2011 saw the release of Boyz II Men’s Twenty LP, where it was then announced that former member Michael “Bass” McCary would finally be rejoining the BIIM fold, yet unfortunately, for the fans especially, that never took place — How come? And, do you all still even communicate regularly? And if so, do you ever foresee being a four man line-up again?

We do keep in touch occasionally, but we and Michael are just in different spaces in our lives where we just couldn’t come up with an agreement we both could be happy with. But, we still love him and he’ll always be our brother.

Lastly, is there anything I left out or just plain forgot to mention?

Be sure to check us [Boyz II Men] out at our residency in Las Vegas at the Mirage Resort and Casino, where we perform every weekend up to 2016!

Do you have any “parting” words for our readers?

The new Boyz II Men album, COLLIDE, hit on October 21st! Visit our website: BoyzIIMen.com, download our free app for iPhone and Android. Follow us on Twitter: @BoyzIIMen and Instagram: @boyziimenofficial! …

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