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Model: Smokin Mary Jain

Mary Peterson aka Smokin Mary Jain

Age: 26


Twitter: SmokinMaryJain

Ig: therealSmokinmaryjain


Bio: I’m Mary 26yrs old my Ethnic background is Creole, German, Swedish, French and Indian. No kids, single! I’m at the point in my life were love is not a factor in my life. I do want the whole husband and kids, right now I’m working on progressing my career I’m a very open Spirit. My goals is to model right now and to be the best model i can be.( Kill the urban industry ) At a young age i have always had a Fascination with photography Whether it was behind the cameras or in front of the cameras I have fallen in love with the art of photography. Growing up in the Foster system Self-esteem is a Major issue and was for me! I’ve never felt like I belong let alone look pretty! So now at the age I am I have come real far from not Feeling comfortable to wear sandals to wearing half shirts now! So I want to Continue to build my self-esteem and eventually show other girls that are just like me that they can do it too! Later in life I want to build a group home to help children in need of a loving Home!

Mary Peterson, also known as Smokin Mary Jain was born Sept, 8, 1987 in Sacramento California. At the age of 3 she was placed in foster system. She moved around to dozen homes, but by age of 9 she finally found a wonderful home with a loving Mother and 3 sisters she learned to love, in Pittsburg, CA.

Raised in the Bay Area, where she received her high school diploma and went on to pursue her education by receiving a certificate in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu, she is no stranger to the kitchen. Smokin Mary Jain is always ready to whip up a good home cooked meal in no time. Her pursuit for knowledge is ongoing as she is currently enrolled at Sacramento City College for Business.

Smokin Mary Jain discovered her love of photography while in elementary school, and had aspirations of being Miss Teen USA. Over the years Miss Jain realized that not only could she capture art, but she could be the art. Being in front of the camera was her next mission and she is aspired to be the best at it.

With her unique look she’s always been the center of attention. Smokin Mary Jain has been on the scene working hard to push for her dreams. She has hit a few runways for (Cause N’ A Stir” Rockin the Runway”) also for (Angelica Bagain for her line “MCAB”). Also modeled for clothing lines (Angelica Bagain “MCAB”), (Legends Never Die), (Plattapuss Clothing Company). As well as been featured in a number of music videos with ( Young Dizzy , Sacramento, CA ), ( Lu Peez, Pittsburg, CA ) (M.A,K, Sacramento, CA ) (B Janky Oakland,Ca) ( Rydah J Klyde, Bay Area)  also seen in the Warren G promotional video for Allure Moscato.

First Feat in GGurls.com, second Feat in AllAmericanDimes.com As well as her first print feature in ForBacheloMen.com

With her big heart and great spirit she is bound to touch the heart of many across the world. Working with Smokin Mary Jain, the possibilities will always be endless. Her dedication and work ethics have made many doors open in her career.

In the future she plans to pave the way for “5’6 cuties like herself to kill the scene.” By making it from the bottom up to the top.  Showing her followers what they need to do to make it like she is. And in the future starting a model agency.  She also interested and focused on expanding her brand.

Mary Jain has hopes to one day be able to give back to foster kids and build homes for them, to have a caring and safe environment for children without a home  to have one.

“You can be and do what you want, all you need is a dream and the will power you can make your dreams come true” …Smokin Mary Jain

Smokin Mary Jain Poster at AAD: http://shopaad.com/products/posters/smokin-mary-jain-poster/

Tell me about Smokin Mary Jain?

Mary Peterson, also known as Smokin Mary Jain was born Sept, 8, 1987 in Sacramento California. At the age of 3 she was placed in the foster system. She moved around to dozens of homes, but by the age of 9 she finally found a wonderful home with a loving Mother and 3 sisters she learned to love, in Pittsburg, CA.

What led to your start in modeling?

I’ve always had an interest in modeling, ever since I was a teen! One day I decided to stop dreaming and started working towards my dream to be one of the biggest models standing 5″6′.

What is your favorite clothing item to wear when doing a shoot?

I like to show off my body. A thong would have to be my favorite.

What makes you a “Hottie”?

I just try to be me and hope that my viewers like what I have to offer. There isn’t anything specific that I do. I am a natural “Hottie”.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

In the future I would like to work with Frank Antonia from New York! I absolutely love his work. But really there is hand full of amazing photographers that I would be blessed to work with. I also love Blue Gem out of New York as well.

What is your ultimate career goal?

I would love to ultimately become an actress.

Tell your fans something about you many would not know?

Most people haven’t a clue that I love sculpting with clay.

 What artists are you listening to these days?

Today I listen to a lot of Meek Mill, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

 Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment……….

(Laughs) Oh no, I’ll plead the 5th!

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