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Published on August 28th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Laibach Debuts “We Are Millions and Millions Are One” Video

Laibach has completed their Liberation Day Tour – two dates in Pyongyang, North Korea – and become the first band of their kind to perform in the reclusive garrison state as well known for its military marches, mass gymnastics and hymns to the Great Leader, as for its defiant resistance to Western popular culture.

“I didn’t know that such music existed in the World and now I know” (Choe Jong Hwan, visitor to the Laibach’s Pyongyang concert)

To celebrate this historic event, Laibach has released a brand new video for ‘We Are Millions And Millions Are One,’ taken from their latest album, SPECTRE. The video was directed by RÁTNEEK (http://ratneek.com) and features animations taken from Vuk Jevremovic’s “La Isla De Los Muertos”.

The recent tour in North Korea coincided with the 70th anniversary of the Korean peninsula’s liberation from Japanese colonization and subsequent division into two states; the concerts will be the subject of a documentary film scheduled for premiere in 2016.

The Liberation Day Tour was directed by Norwegian artist, Morten Traavik, who also created the video for the band’s recent single, “The Whistleblowers.” Watch the video here.

The North Korean dates were part of a worldwide tour which included sold out shows across North America plus a very special 35th anniversary performance in their home-town of Trbovlje and a rooftop concert at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

35 years on from their genesis in the then-Yugoslavian industrial town Trbovlje, Laibach is the most internationally acclaimed band to have come out of the former Communist countries of Eastern and Central Europe. Founded in the death year of then-Yugoslavia’s leader Tito, and rising to fame as Yugoslavia steered towards self-destruction, Laibach has consistently opposed labels of any kind, be they “rock,” “pop,” “techno” or “industrial.” Self-styled engineers of human souls, Laibach can make you think, dance and march to the same music.

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