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Published on September 25th, 2015 | by Toya Tharp


New Flame Flame Friday: The Nile ~ Spazzy D

Everyone is looking for that next insatiable new sound. Music that can be added to their personal soundtrack of life. Just when the repetition of radio joints and mass appeal of hip hop becomes mundane- there’s this fresh breath of air, or rather a cool drink of water by the way of Spazzy D.

Spazzy D has been dubbed by the internet as the “next Kendrick”. A comparison that’s not taken lightly yet he understands that he has to stand in his own light. This 17yr old’s lyrical comprehension can rival your favorite rappers rapper on their best day. The underground momentum for Spazzy’s following has gotten so strong that there’s a petition on the internet “to make him famous” – signed by God himself. ( Who knew God lived in Canada?!?)

Taking his independence into his own hands, Spazzy D and producer T. Rose joins Paradise Distribution forming their own label O.S.O (Our Section Only) Released today on ITunes, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora, Apple Music and all streaming communities is the release of the EP The Nile. Give it a listen and ride the wave of The Nile.



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