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Published on September 2nd, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Raven Sorvino Drops Her New Summer Banger with Gangsta Boo “Nextel Chirp”


The grind never stops for LA based, Houston born, emcee Raven Sorvino. After coming through with her LifeStyle EP earlier this year, Raven will be releasing a follow up EP, Pretty Pink, this fall.

Raven has long since had a strong underground presence with her top-notch lyricism and creative concepts, but now she looks to elevate things further with frequent collaborator and acclaimed producer, WoodysProduce, who handles the production on Pretty Pink.

Raven and WoodysProduce make a serious statement with the EP’s hard hitting lead single, “Nextel Chirp” (co-produced by J Hyphen) featuring former Three 6 Mafia member and Memphis legend, Gangsta Boo (who has re-entered the spotlight as of late). We all remember the Nextel days, Raven and Gangsta Boo pen a trunk rattler letting it be known what needs to get done when that chirp goes off.

Says Raven of the song and collaboration: “Working with Gangsta Boo was an honor. She came up in a male dominated crew and held her own with an original style and an ad lib that will be here forever. We met at an event a year ago and exchanged numbers. My producers cooked up a track that I felt would be perfect for her, she came to the studio and the rest was magic. The meaning behind the song is your phone going off ever second with money on the line. Wether you slanging hair, people owing you money, working a 9 to 5 when they Nextel Chirp’s its time to get to the money. ”


Raven Sorvino’s Pretty Pink EP is due out this fall. The 7-track EP will have an all female lineup with features from Gangsta Boo, Melát, and Lucille Ghatti. The project is produced by WoodysProduce with co-production from J Hyphen.

The name Pretty Pink serves as an homage to Raven’s late father James L. Pink. James was a well known figure in Houston, and introduced Raven to Cadillacs, Ralph Lauren, and the player lifestyle at a young age. From his extensive work in the community, a street was named after James in Houston. Raven looks to pay tribute to his name as well as empower fellow boss women with this EP.

“Pretty Pink is a new chapter in my book. Its my signature sound that you get from WoodysProduce and myself just more vast. He and I are both progressing in our careers and this is what it sounds like. A continuation of sounds and creativity from our last collab Queen Of HeArtz. New flows and sounds with an all female cast to support.”

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