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Published on October 1st, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Hype Who Is: Myeshia Lynn Butler

Hollywood has a lot of new actresses popping up every day it’s hard to keep up with the who’s who unless of course they are bestfriends with Taylor Swift. Myeshia Lynn Butler however is one actress you won’t forget once you have been introudced. Her look is unique and her gigs are a plenty.

I interviewed Butler on what it’s like coming up in Hollywood in today’s times of Reality TV stars and Tabloid scandal.


What inspired you to follow your dreams as an actress?

My inspiration to want to act first came from being a young child watching the movie The Wiz and wanting to know how they created such a fun movie. Seeing Diana and Michael do there thing made me feel like I can do that to.. being free and expressive with no judgment of you because your in another world and someone other than yourself.

You have a very unique look is it hard to be yourself in an industry that is constantly telling you what to be?

When I first started i would be natural and then they would say could you please come with your hair straight and thus i would but I never got booked then I said to my self im a wow factor but can’t stand out being like everyone else the only way to win is to be you and with me being me comes big natural hair now people only recognize me because of my hair people love me being me which is such a blessing the feed back of rocking this fro has been phenomenal and I have been working like crazy who would of thought its ok to be yourself.

You were featured in the Nico and Vinz video. What was that process like ?

When I submitted for the Nico and Vinz My Melody and read what the concept was I knew this project was for me and that I would get it because the concept hits so close to home . I cried filming this video because it represents my fathers story and his tragic fight with AIDS and the other people in the videos stories had me in tears as well .we all became like family over those two days .AIDS HIV numbers are increasing by the minute we need to talk about it more one of the reasons I felt like this video would be so important. We need to let the people whom are infected feel more comfy talking about it so its a lil easier to deal with and let them know that just because they are sick we still love them.

You have been filming lot of TV shows lately what is your vision for your career overall?

My vision for my career is being on a hit TV show and starring in a few movies that can change the world. I want my career to inspire young women to be them without flaunting your assets. I want a star on the Hollywood walk of fame that represents all the hard work i put into my career. I just want act dance love and be myself.

What do you think of shows like Empire and countless others that depict black women in not the brightest of lights?

What I think about shows like Empire that don’t represent black women in a good manner is ok because there are women who act like that that need to see how they look and act so they can fix it but I want to brake the mold we don’t have to be that in order to show our acting ability we can be fun loving and kind we don’t all have attitudes loud and rude or ready to fight . we need to see all sides the good the bad and the ugly not just the ugly side.

Is there anything you wouldn’t do on camera?

What I would not do on camera is any thing my son might be embarresed by his feelings come first. I want to be a positive role model for black women.


What’s next for you and your rise to the top in Hollywood ?

Whats next for me is a few things working on an indie film called The Shaw directed by Charles clemmons. I have a few reality shows im currently working on like #MeetTheButlers based on my husband and I life with our friends in the entertainment industry.

Where can people keep up with you on social media? 

Facebook  Myeshia Lynn Butler    Twitter @myeshialynn48

Check out Myeshia in Nico Vinz’s My Melody below

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