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Published on October 13th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


TS Madison and Khia set to make history with joint mixtape “Ratchet Heaven”

Yes you read that right! After all the drama  last week when the pair made headlines for Khia’s now infamous tangent on working with Janet Jackson on the hit song ” So excited” and the handling of the music video in which she claims she was cut from because of Jermaine Dupri. It look as if something amazing has risen from the chaos.

Now we fast forward just a few days and the blogs are chirping again with the news that the pair weren’t just sitting down for  looks and a  girl chat and, are in fact going to be collaborating on a joint Mixtape together entitled “Ratchet Heaven.”   The  joint mixtape will bless the world with a remake of Khia’s hit song “My neck My back” which I am sure is going to please hardcore Thug Misses fans all over the world. The collaboration I am sure whether you’re a fan of TS Madison’s or Khia’s  curiosty will be such  that people will be very interested to take a listen to see what these two outspoken female MC’s come up with.

My excitement for this collaboration got me thinking and searching for other LGBT artists and even more specifically Transgendered artists who have collaborated with other well known music industry players and in my search I literally came up with nothing.  No one.  Yes Rupaul and Lil Kim did come together on a song titled “Bad Girl”  that barely saw the light of day, but I am speaking specifically of the trans community. Rupaul identifies as male so there’s a big difference between ” He” and”She” ok…

On to the next point why is this a finding?  The music community as a whole shouts from the rooftops that they are LGBT friendly and supportive.  If you look hard enough you can find almost every one of your favorites with a NoH8 campaign photo shoot swimming somewhere around their social  media archives, but from where I am sitting it looks as if the support only includes LGB and  is usually designated for  assistants,stylists , make up artists and hair dressers.  I am just reporting the findings if it bothers you then we are on the same page.  This year alone 21 Trans women have been killed 18 of them were women of color. Where’s the Hashtag movement?  I just want to know how far the support goes.  It’s one thing to openly support Caitlyn Jenner in her widely publicized transition and heavily promoted TV show “I am Cait”  but where is the pudding?  One or  a few  trans people being celebrated does not equal support. I am not convinced at all. Well at least  I wasn’t until Khia stepped up and became the first visible artist in the MUSIC industry to support a transgendered persons music.  Yes I said the first and I stand by it. This is HipHop and rap we are discussing. Rappers and the HipHop industry in general are known for being highly homophobic this is the first step in my opinion to visibly  breaking down that wall.

Khia is and will always be the VERY FIRST!!  I wonder who will be second.  Beyonce, Nicki Minaj , Trina, Snoop Dogg anyone ?

Who would you like to see do a collaboration?

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