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Published on November 23rd, 2015 | by Daja Marie


OMI Presents Love as Strong as Solid Gold

A wedding ring is, in many ways, “a physical representation of love itself.”  Omi Gold, a new bridal jewelry company founded by a couple of jewelry industry professionals, believes that when this piece of jewelry is exchanged, it is a representation of love, respect and commitment, and those are the very same principles under which the company operates. Omi Gold specializes in gold wedding bands where every style is available in a range of karats from 14kt -22kt and 11 shades of gold as well as platinum.


Omi Gold is committed to ecologically sound jewelry manufacturing practices. The company uses only recycled gold in fabricating rings, in a rainbow of golden hues. Respecting the process of jewelry making and letting the materials speak for themselves, all of the rings are hand made in NYC. Omi Gold is an e-tail business that offers a collection of gold wedding bands in a wider range of gold colors and karats than are regularly available on the market. The wedding band styles range from delicate to bold and are classic, timeless and modern.

You are able to select the shape, size and color of your ring to create your perfect ring.

Omi Gold’s goal is to be at the forefront of the most important movement in the jewelry industry today. That movement is towards transparency, equality and responsibility in a trade that has long struggled to balance mankind’s desire for precious minerals with the values of conservation and human rights. The company strongly believes that the producers of these most hallowed tokens of affection, must take every action and precaution to ensure that the materials and people involved have been treated with respect and are operating at the highest level of responsibility.


This endeavor is especially challenging in a global market place when so many hands are involved from the source of the materials to the final product and there is so much at stake in terms of money to be made. The industry as a whole recognizes the need to change the way resources are tracked and handled to create much greater transparency throughout the entire process. The largest producing and manufacturing companies are working to set standards and protocols for the industry to follow and at the same time independent jewelers, craftsmen are consumers themselves are demanding a change to the status quo. Omi Gold is part of creating a new standard that will protect the earth and its inhabitants and keep our most treasured moments sacred.

For additional information please visit   http://omi-gold.myshopify.com/

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