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Published on March 20th, 2016 | by Daja Marie


Editor’s Picks: Digital Evolution

In this day in age, the world is being shaped by what I like to call “The Microwave Generation.” Everyone and everything is in a hurry. There is NEVER enough time in the day. My editor’s picks for this spring season are all about the evolution of fashion as we know it and unique digital must haves.


Sticky Sounds

$68.95 on Amazon and sold locally in Utah
Accessories price from $9-$20
With Sticky Sounds, you now have the ability to take music anywhere safely. It’s starting to warm up and huge breaks and vacations are underway. This means more water sports, and this thing is waterproof and stays in place.

Sticky Sounds Tech Specs include:
• Waterproof IPx6

• Rugged/Shockproof

Mini SD card slot

Micro USB charger

• Works with any GoPro Mount

• Floats

MagnaReady Blue Shirt

Magna Ready 


Men’s Long sleeve dress shirts are $64.95
Men’s Short sleeve dress shirts are $62.95
Women’s Long sleeve dress shirts are $64.95

MagnaReady created a self-buttoning, wrinkle free and stain resistant dress shirt to help people with limited mobility. The shirt has magnets sewn into the pleats of the shirt that snap together effortlessly. The dress shirt looks no different from a dress shirt without the magnetic technology and shirts are available for both men and women. Also, they aren’t just for those with limited mobility but fashionable enough for those on the go.



Pastel Teal Floral Noise Isolating Headphones

Headphones? You say! How are these an evolution? Well ladies, aren’t you about this close to snapping when you purchase an expensive pair of headphones, that aren’t even made to fit your head? Well, I don’t know about you…But I know I am. These not only fit perfectly around my head but also around my small ears. They are stylish and they are perfectly on trend for spring.

Premium sound with great bass
Built to last. Made using 8-line thick wire for long life
Lightweight. Great for adults and kids!
Noise isolation – comfortable silicone creates a better fit and seal in your ear and help isolate you from outside noises
3.5mm gold plated jack. Works with iPod, iPhone, all standard MP3 players, newer Blackberries, Nintendo DS, PSP, portable CD players, portable AM/FM radios.



Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus


I have so many dresses and other clothing that do not require an iron, however they are extremely wrinkled upon wash. I have NEVER been great at using an iron, nor have I been a fan of using one. I love this product because it smells good, it’s simple to use and I truly don’t use my iron after this. You just spray a little on your damp clothes, smooth the item and hang dry. I have also dried the items in the dryer as well and they smell really great after.

Written By: Daja Marie


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