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Published on March 31st, 2016 | by Daja Marie


IKEA Partners with Fashion Designers to Launch New Exclusive 2016 Collections

Cutting-edge new collections mark first time the retailer has merged fashion with interior design
Menswear designer Katie Eary, fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck and textiles designer Martin Bergstrom collaborate with IKEA to launch three fashion-forward collections

Between April and September 2016 IKEA will be launching three new limited edition collections created in collaboration with fashion designers from across Europe. The unique and innovative new ranges mark the retailers first ever partnerships with fashion designers, forming part of its ongoing dedication to create collections that respond directly to current trends and fuse various influences to give customers cutting-edge design at affordable prices.

IKEA’s emphasis has always been on good, functional, practical design at affordable prices for the many”, explains Lucy Frechette, PR Manager for IKEA Canada. “The Limited Edition Collections allow us to explore the unknown, try new things with fashion experts bringing excitement to homes across Canada”.

A new collection will be launched each month starting in April when menswear designer Katie Eary releases GILTIG, featuring eclectic soft furnishings and dinnerware with fish, cat and eyeball prints at the forefront of the design aesthetic. June will see the launch of GLÖDANDE, the collaboration with Walter Van Beirendonck, which uses the designer’s playfulness in assorted fabrics and ceramics. The final collection, SVÄRTAN, created in partnership with Martin Bergstrom, will launch in September and focuses on merging modern Indian and Swedish design, resulting in a collection of products made only from white, black and shades of grey.

These collections focus on re-invigorating interior design, and push the boundaries of what can be achieved through large-scale production in the home furnishing sphere.

“We can learn a lot from how fashion designers work with colours, prints, patterns and shapes. They constantly have to re-invent themselves and what they do – and are used to working in the forefront of pattern and colour development,” says Henrik Most, Creative Leader, IKEA of Sweden.


Designed with London-based menswear designer Katie Eary, GILTIG includes tableware and home textiles created to turn up the volume at any party. Integrating Katie’s ‘in your face’ patterns with home furnishings has created a range of standalone items that can change a whole room through their touches of vibrancy and over the top design.

“A decade or so ago, you could get an idea about who a person was from their cd’s or books. Now it seems that, as far as the home goes, furniture and personal bits and pieces are the last things left that show your identity,” says Katie Eary,

“I’ve learned loads through working with IKEA – it’s great to see my designs in a totally different context. There’s so much you can do within home furnishing and so many boundaries to break still.”


Created in partnership with leading designer and previous member of the Antwerp Six, Water Van Beirendonck, GLÖDANDE is a collection of ready-to-cut fabrics, paper stationary, rugs, porcelain and pillows that showcase Van Beirendonck’s playfulness, curiosity and avant-garde flair.

A strong narrative runs through the collection; it’s the story of a gang of characters called the Wondermooi, each of whom has a unique look and personality. The story is set in a place above the clouds, where the Wondermooi peacefully live, and work together to solve the world’s problems, and brings peace, love and happiness to Earth. The collection is expected to available in IKEA stores across Canada starting in June.

“You never know what Walter will do next. I like that and want to bring more of this into IKEA. The way he mixes this unpredictability with colour, pattern and print are what make him the master of what he does. This is what IKEA learned from this fantastically wonderful and odd collaboration,” says Henrik Most, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden.


A collaboration between IKEA and Swedish textile designer Martin Bergstrom, SVÄRTAN is a collection of bed linens, textiles, paper products, rugs, bowls, glassware and metal objects created using just black, white and shades of grey with the aim of producing a modern interpretation of India and its heritage.

Martin and IKEA worked closely with students from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi to craft a contemporary image of India, striking a balance between the organic and the abstract. The whole collection was then produced in India using traditional techniques and natural materials, and fusing age-old processes with new solutions to create a collection that truly bridged the gap between old and new. The collection is expected to be in stores across Canada on September 1.

“Every item is special and you get a sense of the human hand in the collection. These are things you want to keep, and that come with a story. That’s important to me, whether I work with fashion or design,” says Martin Bergstrom.

“The company that’s producing the paper products has made paper for over 300 years. It’s been incredibly fascinating to see my designs interpreted by that kind of expertise, and I’m very happy IKEA has such high standards when it comes to production.”

GILTIG will be on sale in all IKEA stores across Canada in April, with GLÖDANDE following in June and SVÄRTAN in September.

IKEA is a leading home furnishing retailer with 375 stores in more than 50 countries worldwide, which are visited by 884 million people every year. IKEA Canada has 12 stores, with recently announced plans to open a 13th store in Halifax, Nova Scotia in late 2017, an eCommerce virtual store, Pick-Up and Order Points in Quebec City, Quebec and London, Whitby and St.Catharines, Ontario with two additional Pick-Up and Order Points opening spring 2016. Last year, IKEA Canada welcomed 25 million visitors to its stores and 75 million visitors to its stores and 75 million visitors to the IKEA.ca website. Founded in 1943, IKEA’s business philosophy is to offer a wide range of products of good design and function at prices so low, the majority of people can afford them. For more information on IKEA, please visit: www.IKEA.ca.


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