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Published on October 29th, 2016 | by Jae Monique


Who is: Janelle Brice

Janelle Brice aka Jazzie has touched on many realms of the acting, film, modeling, and hosting including her roles on Armageddon and the television series Mortal Kombat.

She is a bubbly entertainer currently living in Miami, FL. In between modeling and acting, she is an entrepreneur who runs A1 Elusive Apparel and Blazen 8 with her husband. She also has an upcoming Reality TV series and is the face of Preve Vodka.


Janelle Brice answered a few questions in an exclusive interview with The Hype Magazine.

Jae Monique: How long have you been modeling and acting?

Janelle Brice: About 15 years

JM: When did you realize that you wanted to do modeling and acting?

Brice: At the age of 16, I went into a dry cleaner to drop off my father’s clothes and I didn’t realize the dry cleaners was right next to a talent agency. An agent came out, gave me his card and introduced himself as the owner. He asked me to give him a call since he was interested in me modeling for his agency. I gave him a call the next day and my career in entertainment was born, Lol.

JM: You also have your own online clothing boutique called A1 Elusive. Tell me about that.

Brice: A1 Elusive stands for A1E. It’s a brand built around friendships.  The brand represents people that have been down with you since Day 1, you call them your A1. In life, you have a lot of people you call friends, associates etc. However, there are only a few people that you will call your A1. A1 Elusive Apparel is about celebrating your A1 since Day 1. We launched the brand with custom design SnapBack hats and will brand into clothing, accessories & products. My husband handles all the designs and managing of the websites and I handle the marketing and promotions.

JM: You and your husband run a new liquor brand called Preve Vodka. Tell me about your brand.

Brice: Preve Vodka is a subsidiary of Gold Bottles Ent. My husband is a part owner of Preve which is a kosher beverage and 100 proof. I am a Preve model and an alcohol broker where I helped entrepreneurs launch their or alcohol brand of their choice.

JM: What advice do you have for those who are models pursuing business ventures?

Brice: Never give up on your dreams and if you are the smartest one in your circle, you need to surround yourself around people that are smarter than you. Never be afraid to ask others that are in your profession for advice. Find a mentor!

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