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Published on January 20th, 2017 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Digital Radio Tracker launches free searchable artist/song airplay database

Digital Radio Tracker (@DRTRadioTracker) has brought a new dimension to monitoring online radio spins which in today’s era of digital evolution, is a key resource and tool for indie artists, labels AND radio stations. Gone is the day when internet or online radio airplay means nothing. Traditional Performance Rights Organizations have only just begun to add digital tracking and the foremost leader is unquestionably Sound Exchange…YES you can get paid from online radio spins! A key benefit with Digital Radio Tracker, is the ability for those who pay for radio promotion packages to see if their money has been well spent or if they’ve been victim of a rip off. The upstart company appears to have the missing link for indies and majors alike, considering even terrestrial radio has gotten into the streaming space utilizing tools such as the Tunein app which allows listeners to take their favorite stations with them via their mobile devices.

Here’s the official line on the new service from Digital Radio Tracker:

In today’s music industry one has to be up-to-date on cutting edge trends in a variety of key areas. A focal point standing above the rest is technology. Inc. (DRT), a private U.S. based firm, is breaking down barriers with innovative, creative and lucrative marketing research initiatives to its clients.

DigitalRadioTracker is now offering a free searchable artist/song airplay database for all account holders. This new feature allows users to search the DRT database that currently tracks over 30 million titles and continues to expand. This amazing research tool allows users to search for song titles and artists that are receiving airplay allowing them to pinpoint exactly the information they need.

DigitalRadioTracker has developed a proprietary system that monitors over 5000+ Internet Radio stations as well as select Terrestrial FM, College & Non-Commercial radio compiling the airplay of songs around the globe. DRT Reports provides users with detailed information of when, where and how often songs are being played on the radio as well as its version. Artists and music-related companies wanting broader capitalization to their songs released have the ability to manage that information more effectively.

“We’re hoping to help everyone save time and money while offering them greater convenience with the search feature. We want to assist music-related companies drive profitable growth and expand to new heights and this tool is the solution.” says DRT’s Joel Bachman

To find out more information visit:

To register for a free account:

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