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Published on January 30th, 2017 | by Jason Bourne


DSC Empire own Hop Cashay returns with new single, 9th Inning

One of the most talented and consistent artists on the circuit, DSC Empire own @HopCashay is on his way to becoming a household name and major contributor to the return of Bronx Hip Hop. Hands on in the process of producing and recording his output, Hop Cashay has established a brand that is well known for quality. A visionary, Hop Cashay is an instrumental part as co-owner of Strategic Filmz alongside “NY” who is regarded as one of the top videographers in the game today.  Using music as a voice, Hop Cashay expresses his inner-most sentiments depicting the reality that plagues his immediate neighborhood and hometown.
“My music is real. Its a first hand account of what I feel and what I have seen on these Highbridge Streets.”
Growing up rough, Hop Cashay has experienced redemption in the culture of Hip Hop exemplifying that true talent and focus can take you far.  Performing at over 50 of the Big Apple’s renowned venues, Hop Cashay has carried the banner of both DSC Empire and Martial Wal Umbrella. Supported by major blogs and countless internet radio broadcasts in the city and abroad, Hop Cashay remains on many lists as one of the promising acts the game has to offer. His Liquor Store And Churches mixtape series yield collaborations with Uncle Murda, Vado and has tons of unreleased diamonds in wait.  The winner of the All Star Music Awards Community Outreach Award, Hop Cashay prides himself on being a bright spot in and out of the booth. Together with his business partners Hop Cashay conducts Hop Cashay Day annually gifting neighborhood youth with school, supplies, and free haircuts as they enjoy games and other amenities. Hop Cashay has announced recently plans to release the next installment of his Liquor Stores And Churches masterpieces, starting with lead single 9th Inning which is currently available via AudioMack.
Check out his new single, 9th Inning

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