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An Outfit that reads your mind about the President

A new clothing line, “DFTU,” meaning “Don’t Fuck This Up,” is a clothing brand that is more than what we wear, but a movement. While we still legally have the freedom of speech, provided that Donald Trump doesn’t sign an executive order stating otherwise, these designers have taken the liberty to express themselves. While the message is powerful, it doesn’t seem to have stopped Trump from creating chaos in the country. The goal of the line is to kindly remind President Trump to “not” mess things up.

While the line should be keeping Trump at bay, he’s actually made a mess of the peace in this nation. First, his campaign increased tension between African-Americans and Caucasians through violent racial crimes committed towards Trump protesters, and now, the beginning days of his presidency have managed to increase hostility between Western and Eastern countries tremendously. His actions as President may have increased the likelihood of war and terrorist attacks on America with the already troubling concern of ISIS.

To support the movement, and remind Trump to make the right choices as President, click the link below:

Instagram – @dftuclothing

You can also visit their website by clicking here.


Young Thug, a prominent rapper, wearing “DFTU Clothing.”


Sonny Digital, a legendary Producer, wearing “DFTU Clothing.”


If you feel this movement REPOST now available for purchase online DontFuckThisUp.us

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