Recap: G-Money Da Boss Listening Session presented by the Core DJs

Kansas City, MO was on fire last night Feb 25th, as veteran rapper G-Money Da Boss (@GMONEY_DA_BOSS) re-emerged from his hiatus with a Core DJs branded listening session in his home town. DJs and fans packed the private venue, enjoying an open bar and some dam* awesome food! Editor’s pick from the grub was the Mac-n-Cheese…sorry mom!

The festivities were for the release of G-Money Da Boss’ new album “Crime Pays” made up of 16 hot joints that made my normally mundane freeway trip from the event into an exciting ride…I got pretty excited at the direction he took and I’m sure this will be an impactful move for him. The Core DJs made it clear from their massive attendance, they are behind the artist AND the record!

The Core DJs made it clear they are behind G-Money Da Boss and his new joint. CEO Tony Neal (2nd fr. l) came in from Miami and VP DJ 3 (c) pulled in from Wichita after a tour stop in Oklahoma (Photo: Jerry Doby/The Hype Magazine)

Overall Rating for the album: 4/5 from me with great story telling, artist insight, bangin production on all counts and flow of the project. Each joint synchs perfectly with the previous and the one to follow. This is a buy.

Editor’s Pick: “Believe That”…I’m not going to explain…go cop the album!!!

The atmosphere was electric as the wizards of radio and turntables awaited the arrival of G-Money Da Boss, Tony Neal and DJ 3, The Core DJs’ Pres and VP respectively. Prior to the main attraction, several of the DJs showed their mastery of the 1’s and 2’s you can check out a clip of DJ Rice doing his thing on The Hype Magazine’s official channel on Periscope where we live broadcast segments of the evening! You can see all of the night’s segments right there!



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