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Published on January 29th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Haleigh Marchisio: Live Session with a Rising Kansas City Star

Kansas City artist Haleigh Marchisio and I recently chopped it up in a Live Session conversation covering her background in the music industry, her diverse identity beyond her career, and her childhood aspirations. From modeling to music and beyond, her story is one of standing strong and putting work clothes on her dreams. It was refreshing to have a straightforward convo with someone whose work ethic from a young age has placed them on the cusp of a breakout year. A creative with multiple facets, this was a fun foray into the world of a young lioness finding her path. You can catch our full talk below.

Haliegh Marchisio


Defining Haleigh’s Musical Identity Through Pivotal Tracks

In this segment, we explored the pivotal role of Haleigh’s songs, “Hectic” and “Letter to the Past,” in defining her musical identity. Haleigh expressed her excitement for upcoming releases and shared insights into her collaboration with Fantom.

Vocal Mastery with Jodi Reinhart

Haleigh shared her experience working with vocal coach Jodi Reinhart, detailing how Reinhart’s guidance improved her breathing techniques and vocal preparation for live shows. Our discussion delved into the mental aspect of performance preparation and the gradual development of confidence within the dynamic music industry.

Elevating Energy Through Audience Connection

The conversation shifted to the profound impact of connecting with the audience during live performances. We explored how audience reactions and participation can elevate a performer’s energy and confidence, fostering a deeper connection with the crowd. Her feedback is similar to most artists asked this question…all positive!

Haleigh Marchisio - performance - Photo: @Dogeye_Ventures

Haleigh Marchisio – performs – Photo: @Dogeye_Ventures

Navigating the Complexities of the Music Industry

Haleigh candidly shared her perspective on the toxic and fake nature of the music industry, revealing her love-hate relationship with it and the unexpected support she received from her community in Kansas City.

Maintaining Mental Health as a Creative

We delved into the challenges of maintaining mental health in the creative industry, highlighting the importance of finding balance and self-compassion in the face of the industry’s demanding nature.

Building Success and Well-Being Through Genuine Connections

Haleigh and I emphasized the importance of having a close-knit and honest circle of individuals in the music industry, underscoring its role in both success and mental well-being. The need to get rid of “yes” people in your circle in exchange for those willing to give brutally honest answers appeared to be a key item in this segment.

Unveiling Musical Talents and Aspirations

Our conversation took a personal turn as Haleigh shared her journey of self-teaching guitar and keyboard from a young age. She expressed her desire to further develop these skills, showcasing her commitment to continuous growth. Adding an instrument to this dynamo’s stage show would be epic!

Enjoying Music as Consumers

In a lighter segment, we discussed our ability to enjoy music as consumers without over-analyzing it, acknowledging the importance of appreciating music from a different perspective. It seems it’s much harder for creatives to just enjoy on a basic level as somehow, analysis rears its head a lot.

Looking Forward: Upcoming Releases and Collaborations

As we closed out, we discussed Haleigh’s upcoming music releases, performances, and promotions. I’ve watched the crowd reaction and engagement with this artist live at a night out which Haleigh co-produced…it was a sight to see and certainly showed me she’s got “the stuff” to break! Tune In to our full conversation below!

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