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Published on May 22nd, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Meet Ta’Rhonda Jones Host of “The Never Ever Mets” Relationship Series on OWN

I sat down with entertainment polymath, Ta’Rhonda Jones to discuss her exciting new role as the host of OWN’s groundbreaking relationship series, “The Never Ever Mets.” The show’s premise revolves around uniting couples who have formed relationships online but have never met face-to-face.

Ta’Rhonda shared her initial thoughts on the show’s concept and got into her role as a mentor to these couples, offering valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of the experience. Our conversation also explored the influence of social media on modern relationships and the dynamics of meeting someone in person for the first time. As the show’s host, Ta’Rhonda Jones is a voice of reason for the group, checking in with the couples week to week to see how their time together is going, addressing relationship concerns, and facilitating fun team exercises.

Ta'Rhonda Jones - The Never Ever Mets - OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

Ta’Rhonda Jones – The Never Ever Mets – OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Photo Credit: Mr. Blake Martin @MrBlakeMartin)

In addition to her role on “The Never Ever Mets”, Ta’Rhonda Jones is an actress, activist, director, producer, celebrity master chef champion, fashion designer, host, comedian, rapper, songwriter, and philanthropist. She is most known for her breakout role as “Porsha” on Fox’s hit television show Empire and has appeared as co-host on The Real and The Steve Harvey Show, as well as host of the carpet for E! News and the BET Soul Train Awards. She has been featured on ABC, Fox, NBC, Lifetime, and BET, among others. Jones enjoys spending her off-season as a non-profit leader, motivational influencer, fashion designer, and music artist. I DID say she’s a polymath…you probably don’t need to look it up now…

Oh, while she was busy with all the other million things, Ta’Rhonda just dropped a new visual for the single HALLELUJAH with Nut G

Ta’Rhonda Jones on Hosting “The Never Ever Mets”

We dug into Ta’Rhonda’s role as the host of “The Never Ever Mets,” exploring the unique concept of the show and her approach to guiding the featured couples through their relationship journeys. Of course one of my opening questions was, What was your immediate reaction when you saw the treatment and pitch for “The Never Ever Mets”? to which she replied:

I thought it was a little crazy. I thought it was a little absurd at first. I think the first thing I saw with one of the couples, they dated for 12 years, but they had never met each other in person. 12 years. I can’t touch you. I can’t kiss you. I can’t hug you. No.

Insights on Dating and Relationships

Moving along, Ta’Rhonda shared her insights on dating and relationships, drawing from observations of the couples on the show and personal experiences.

I think when anybody, this is for anybody, when anybody is dating, right, we tend to have blinders on. We call it the honeymoon phase where we just so, ooh, I’m in love, I’m in love. And there are so many signs that that a woman or that man may be showing you in the beginning… We miss them. I think I’ve learned to just take the blinders off because we all do it.

Reflections on the Couples and the Experience

It was fun when Ta’Rhonda reflected on the emotional impact of the couples’ interactions and the importance of patience and understanding in relationships, particularly in the post-pandemic era. She tells me that her “Chicago” side showed up a few times during the production…nothing too deep but…well she said Chicago side…ijs

What Did She Enjoy the Most: The fun and engaging activities on the show

Biggest Takeaway?: The importance of patience in relationships

This Relationship Adventure Series Draws Open the Veil on Fakes

Things got lively when discussing her perception of the authenticity of some participants…while Ta’Rhonda didn’t put anyone on blast…if you’ve been keeping up with the series, you’ll not need much of an explanation to follow along on this part of the conversation…she’s hilarious!

But watching all these couples and all their relationships play out, I knew who was up to no good. I knew who was serious. I knew who meant serious business because my blinders weren’t on. I’m not dating these people, but I see it. And it made me realize, like, hey, I think a lot of… Like the 12-year relationship, they’ve dated for 12 years. You mean tell me you didn’t see all of this? Or the couple who dated for five years, you mean tell me you didn’t see this?

Black and white is NOT going to give you the full picture…I have to say my time with Ta’Rhonda was the best of the year thus far…she’s fun, vibrant, aware, and through all the laughs…very considered. If you haven’t checked out this dynamo you can catch her on IG @tarhondajay

For the full conversation and exclusive insights from Ta’Rhonda Jones, watch our Live Session below.

Final Thought: Ta’Rhonda I ain’t forget what you said about them oxtails young lioness!!!

If you like, you can bookmark this article, come back, and catch live updates from Ta’Rhonda about her various goings on below as she posts!

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