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Published on March 6th, 2017 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Festival season is here, get the power tools to survive it in style

Globe hopping festival goers and media folks alike, spend hours and sometimes days agonizing over what gear they need and how much of it they should carry. Invariably, we see crowds lining up at the festivals for basic but needed items like power, sunscreen, hats, etc.!!! I look at these excursions similar to a field trip for the scouts or military, pack what you need, make sure it works and keep it pushing.

If you are on the other side of the coin, style may play a large part on your selections, in that case…man do we have the festival survival kit that hits on all cylinders.

This kit while themed for Coachella, has everything you need to handle any of the major festivals and in quite the stylish manner! If you are a night party type, throw in some glow sticks and you’re all set!

Let’s take a look at nine key essentials in a classy yet functional kit compiled for folks like us:

Coachella Virgin? Just don’t look like one… We’ve got the A-list guide to make sure you’re coachell-ing like a pro

The PowerBoost by Jade J

  1. Editor’s Pick –  The PowerBoost by Jade J: Number one crime at a music festival? Not being able to put those selfies on your Snapchat story. Each charger is named by a gem-stone. How much more Coachella can you get?

Leather Wrapped Flask by Barbour

  1. Leather Wrapped Flask by Barbour:First thing’s first: alcohol. Get this flask that would make Kendrick add Swimming Pools (Drank) to his set-list.

Sunglasses by Vint & York

  1. These Sunglasses by Vint & York:No one’s going to be throwing shade with those good Coachella vibes. Make sure you’re actually able to see the stage with these chic shades.

Teakwood Reusable Waterbottle by S’well

  1. Editor’s Pick – This Teakwood Reusable Waterbottle by S’well: The drinks will be pouring all night and there’s no time for dehydration. Environmentally friendly, chic, and your water stays cold (even in that desert heat) for 24 hours.

Blanket Roll by Tierra

  1. This Blanket Roll by Tierra:Those vintage shorts you bought for Coachella won’t stay cute covered in dirt. This blanket has leather straps to match your jacket, and to make it easy to hop from stage to stage.

Soleil de La Mer Sun Lotion

  1. The Soleil de La Mer Sun Lotion:It’s the last day of the festival and you’re trying to enjoy Lorde but all you’re doing instead is crying over your sun-burnt skin. No thank you. Be sure to protect your skin from that desert sun!

Sun Hat by Janessa Leone

  1. This Sun Hat by Janessa Leone: Fashionable meets function, yet again. Beyonce might not be making Coachella this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock the wide brim.

Minimergency Kit by Sephora

  1. The Minimergency Kit by Sephora: You’ll LUV this kit, Just Brittany style. From headaches to melting mascara — this kit has the solution to all your Coachella emergencies.

Backpack by LeatherStrata

  1. This Backpack by LeatherStrata: Hands free, stylish, and the perfect place to fit all of the necessities for the most luxurious festival experience thus far.

There you have it, all the basic tools and resources you need to handle the sun, hydration and “hydration” as well as some minor emergency needs as well. We at The Hype Magazine wish you a stylishly safe festival season!

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